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The Last Decade In Pictures and Bullet Points

2010 to 2019

I debated doing this post or not (because I didn’t know how interesting it would be to anyone other than me and my family), but after seeing Steph’s recap of her past decade this morning, I just couldn’t help myself! I mean, it’s not often you get to start a brand new decade (this is only my 4th time!), so I might as well take advantage of it.

So allow me to indulge my nostalgia a bit as we take a walk down Memory Lane…

Here’s what I (and we) have been up to for the past 10 years!


  • I started the year in El Salvador in my second (and last) area on my mission, serving with the companion who would later become one of my closest friends AFTER the mission.
  • I was able to extend my mission by 3 weeks so that I came home after being gone 18 months almost exactly. The last branch I served in threw me a surprise goodbye party, which resulted in an evening of very emotional farewells.
  • I arrived back in the States at the beginning of August and had just a couple weeks to try and figure stuff out at my mom and stepdad’s before I moved back up to college. In that short span of time, I quickly realized that the guy I thought it would work out with wasn’t the right one for me. In the same day (#truestory), I also realized that Matt was the one worth giving another shot to (as I’d written him a letter while I was on my mission telling him it would never work out between us).
  • I went back to school at Utah State, and Matt and I started dating seriously, with him still living about an hour away.
  • Matt and I got engaged in December.


  • Matt transferred up to Utah State at the beginning of the new semester in January to be closer to me (and because he planned to finish his schooling up there once we were married).
  • Matt and I got married in May and then went on a glorious one-week honeymoon to St. George, with day trips at Zion National Park and in Las Vegas.
  • After our honeymoon, we moved fully into our first (somewhat dumpy) place together and found jobs so we could pay for it. They were the worst jobs either of us had ever had (me at a concrete plant, Matt at a beef plant).
  • I started my last semester of classes in the fall.
  • I quit my job at the concrete plant in December since I would be student teaching in January.






  • Matt’s job at the pet food plant went full-time in May.
  • We went to Moab with my dad, stepmom, and all of my siblings and their families in May, too. We ended up leaving said vacation early because I got strep.
  • Our ward boundaries got changed, which resulted in Matt getting released from his calling in the bishopric.
  • I quit my teaching job once the school year was finished to stay at home full-time with Raven.
  • We took a trip to Island Park with Matt’s family.
  • I ran the Top of Utah Half Marathon in August and beat my previous half marathon PR by over five minutes and was just three minutes shy of my lifelong goal to run a half in under two hours.
  • Matt got called into the High Priests Group leadership at church, and I got called as a counselor in the Primary Presidency.
  • Matt and I both turned 30 in September.
  • We tried out doing a little side hustle of buying up storage sheds at auction for the first time in October.




It’s been a whirlwind, but we’ve learned and grown so much in the last decade! I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings to our (not as little) family!

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