Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday: First Place

1. how it all began: how you met, first date, first kiss, how long did you date? first picture together…..etc.
2. when you knew he was the one: self explanatory.. but how and when did you know?
3. proposal: how it happened, how long were you engaged for? was it a total surprise? pictures of that… etc.
4. the ring: tell us about it! did you pick it out? did he? pictures! tell us about his ring too!
5. engagement/bridal pictures: let’s see em!
6. the colors: show some of the flower and colors you used
7. the dress: was it what you always imagined? did you have it made for you? white or ivory?
8. the little accessories: you know, veil? shoes? jewelry?
9. the reception: where was it at? show us some pictures! what day did you get married?
10. the cake/food: i love food. so tell me about what you had at your wedding!
11. your song and/or the first song you danced to at your wedding: share a music video or lyrics if you can!
12. favorite part of the day and least favorite part of the day: can be anything.
13. honeymoon: where did you go? was it good? 😉 haha…jk.
14. thoughts on marriage: what is the easiest/hardest part? if you could change anything, what would it be?
15. first place that you lived together: pics if you have them!
16. kids: do you have any yet? if not, when do you plan on it? how many do you want? any tips on good/bad birth control?
17. most recent picture of you and your significant other and what you love most about them 🙂 and any other thoughts

(The above picture was obviously taken on a much warmer day, about three months ago)

I will admit, I’m going to cheat a little on this post. By cheating, I mean that I’m going to refer you to this post here if you want more pictures of the actual layout of our first place together.

The real reason I’m “cheating”? Our apartment is a disaster area. We’ve unfortunately gotten into the habit since school started of only cleaning on the weekends.

However, I did find a few nooks and crannies that didn’t require too much cleaning before I took a picture.

Like this:

Or this:

(Apparently our bookshelves don’t need much cleaning, although now that I think of it, they haven’t been dusted since we moved in…)

Although we had a rocky beginning with our landlords and the apartment in general initially (our toilet was in the tub when we first moved everything in), we’ve had pretty much smooth sailing since they moved away to Wyoming. Coincidence, maybe? Anyway, some of my favorite aspects of the apartment include: free heat (I have never known what that was like in Logan before; I could never go back), free Internet, a dishwasher, lots of closet space, and a spare bedroom (which incidentally has become our “library,” where the two above pictures were taken. We don’t go in there much. Which is why it’s so clean).

The most challenging thing about having our own place is (you guessed it) keeping it clean; being neat and tidy has never been my strong point, but I grew up in a house that was always immaculate (thanks, Mom!), so I’ve learned to really crave that kind of atmosphere. Unfortunately, I’m failing miserably at keeping that kind of atmosphere in my own apartment. I think it’s one of my greatest failings at the moment, actually. I’m kind of embarrassed by it. (Matt doesn’t seem to mind too much).

Another failing of mine? Interior decorating, apparently; I am not crafty and am usually unconcerned with the general aesthetic appeal of having neatly arranged wall and table arrangements that match the seasons. Maybe someday I’ll develop that gene. But for now, all we get is this:

1- food for table arrangements (thanks, Petrice!)

2- A fake tree for greenery that I didn’t have the heart to let my mom give to the DI

3- Oprah to decorate the toilet (classy)

4- And lastly, actual decorations that people have given us. Which, coincidentally, are the only really cute decorative pieces we have. (Thanks everyone for your wedding gifts!)

But at the end of the day, this is home for us: the place that Matt and I call our own.

A place for cuddling.

A place for studying.

A place for praying.

A place for resting.

A place for loving.

There’s truly no place like home.

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