Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*The emergency brake light has all of a sudden decided to start freaking me out by coming on at random intervals while I drive (even though the brake is not in use). I’ll be going 55 on the highway, look down, see the red light, then freak out. This process gets repeated about 4 times a day. I think my brake light thinks it’s funny.

*I gave in today and got a 7-11 hot chocolate on my way to work. My rationale? This is the first day I know of that it’s been in the 20s, I generally don’t go into work on Tuesdays anyway (so who cares if I’m 15 minutes later), and I played tennis last night (which makes me feel slightly better about the 270-calorie price tag on the little 12 oz. sucker). Heaven is hot chocolate on a grey, foggy day.

*Matt has been getting slightly sick, and I’m not even home to take care of him. In fact, I won’t be home until much, much later tonight (probably around 9:30 or so). Poor Matt. Hang in there, dear! I’ll come in and rub your feet after you’ve zonked out at 8:30.

*We’re (hopefully) heading home this weekend for my mom’s annual Halloween party with all her grandkids (my nieces and nephews), and I’m really excited. My mom throws a killer party–prizes, themed food, activities for all ages…what’s not to love?

*I don’t have to go in for my clinical observations this week at the high school due to my co-worker being out of town (so I have to cover for her). I feel really, really sad about this…

*Did anyone honestly believe that last sentence? Good.

*I think the reason that Matt has gotten sick and not me is because I’ve been eating about 3 apples a day for the past week. When I told Matt this, he said that that was NOT the reason. And then he informed me (through text) that he had just eaten an apple. The power of persuasion, people.

*This week, Matt and I have been watching segments of the 6-hour BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. Oh, how it endears me that Matt doesn’t mind watching it with me. It endears me even more that he laughs at the humor, compares it to other versions of Pride & Prejudice that we’ve watched, and that it’s usually him that suggests that we watch some more of it (not me). You’re so great, Matt 🙂

*I went and saw the new Footloose movie with my friend Chelsee over the weekend. Despite many people’s complaints about the fact that Hollywood was doing a remake, I thought they did a really decent job at sticking to the original story and even the general soundtrack. It brought me back to the good ol’ days of high school when I was actually in the musical Footloose (I was peeved, though, that they cut out my character in the movie). But the real shocker was this: how much I enjoyed Real Steel. Who would have thought robot boxing could be so entertaining? And who would have thought that I would ever say that? Miracles happen every weekend here in Logan, people.

*Also over the weekend (as you might have noticed on my “Done” list), I spent the $100 Old Navy card. And I bought my very first WARM winter coat since I’ve been in Logan. It is amazing. Pictures to follow someday. I also bought a sparkly tank top that I layered under a black “tough” jacket yesterday with the rationale that Mondays need a little extra sparkle in them, so why save the shirt for the weekend?

*What little happenings have been going on in your corner of the globe? I’m all ears…

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