Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Bet you’ll never guess where I am right now. Actually, it’s not that exciting for anyone but me. I am…at the USU library waiting for Matt to get out of calculus!! Isn’t that EXCITING?! I bet you just wish you could be here on a computer right next to me and share in all the hoopla, don’t ya? Don’t deny it now…

*Anyway, Matt started his last (hopefully ever) math class yesterday. I am greatly looking forward to doing math every day for the next 6 weeks together for hours and hours on end. In fact, I’m so excited about it that I baked (okay, refrigerated) a pie in honor of the occasion. (And of COURSE the pie wasn’t made to just get me through the first tutoring session…)

*I will say this, though–I am really (sincerely, this time) glad that I am able to help Matt with his math. I think it would be far more frustrating to sit there, unable to help him in his frustration, than to actually be the one causing it all as I explain things to him. I knew all those calculus classes I took would someday come in handy…

*Okay, but I really am glad. Just in case that point didn’t quite make it through.

*On other topics, last night we were so kindly invited by the Roses to come over and roast hot dogs and marshmallows for family night. We love spending time with them and their two cute little kidlets. After all the eating and socializing and keeping-kids-out-of-the-fire was finished, we all adjourned to the house, where we embarked on creating family crests. I had to joke as we started sketching them out that it brought me back to the days in elementary and junior high when I had art classes with Petrice and just wanted to give up before I’d ever even started–she has been an incredible artist from the time she was born, and I have always just struggled. Remember this guest post she did? Yeah, I rest my case…

*Today I am headed back down to Bountiful (I know, I know–I was just there) to go see my little cousin Haley (not so little anymore) get married. Unfortunately, Matt won’t be able to make it down with me. I really hate spending nights apart from him–I have a really hard time sleeping. Even if we’re both at home in the apartment and he’s downstairs and I’m in bed trying to sleep, I still can’t get to sleep until he’s come up to bed. Anyone else like this? Or am I the only spouse-dependent sleeper?

*Yesterday, while I was reading in The Count of Monte Cristo, I saw a spider crawling up the wall. Because of its location, I worried that if I tried to smash it, it would come right down on the couch where I  was sitting, which was just not acceptable. So I let it be. Less than 10 minutes later, I noticed it was crawling right above my ahead, circling me, if you will. This was also not acceptable. So I tried to smash it with Matt’s shoe as I jumped up and down on the couch. I missed. Three times in a row. I decided to let it be again. Less than a minute later, the spider had completely disappeared from the ceiling, and I FREAKED OUT. I thought it must have dropped down on its invisible cord of death and started nesting itself in my hair. I started tearing at my head and clothes, trying to brush the little bugger off. It was terrifying.

*I still have no idea where it’s at.

*Matt laughed as I was relating the story to him later, until I told him that I was using his shoe and not mine. Ha ha.

*Logan City informed us yesterday that our water would be shut off today from 7 AM to 5 PM. That’s just poopid.

*”Poopid” is Matt’s new favorite word. He wants to write a poem called “Poopid–for when ‘Stupid’ just doesn’t cut it.”

*We have now gotten my mom to start saying it while we play Settlers of Catan. Pretty soon it will be a worldwide phenomenon. Just you wait.

*You wanna say it now, don’t ya? POOPID.

*It’s just so satisfying.

*Here you go: proof that not only am I at the USU library, but also that I wore my hair down for the first time in a week. I am so proud.

*My, that IS a weird picture of me. I kind of look like a girlish man.

*I don’t know why.

*Or, if I drew a line down the center, I am successfully showing two completely different emotions.

*I’m so talented.

*Okay, I obviously did not get enough sleep last night. Apparently I’m no good at this waking-up-before-8 thing anymore.

*Hope you all have a positively delightful Tuesday, full of all the water you want while we sit here, waterless.


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