Kayla’s Bridal Shower

I threw my first ever bridal shower yesterday.
It will probably be my last.
But I was so happy to be able to throw it for my very best friend, Kayla.
It seems like just yesterday I was trying to poison her with lawn fertilizer (true story).
And now she’s all grown up and getting married on me.
I love it.

It was so great to get the old gang together and see everyone again.

It was weird to think how grown-up we all are now.

I mean, we’re getting married and having babies.

I still remember when we were passing notes in junior high and having makeover parties.

With my mom’s help, we were able to pull together a pretty darn cute shower, if I do say so myself.

We pulled out some peach tablecloths, wrapped up some potted Gerber daisies in pretty tissue paper to give out for prizes (and to double as centerpieces), and did a simple (but delicious) yogurt parfait bar.

That’s the way to entertain, if you ask me–make it simple, and get a whole lot of great help 🙂

(Thanks, Mom!)

And here’s why I love candid shots so much–
Because no one actually can be candid in them.
And then, lastly, a picture of me and the beautiful bride-to-be.
I’m so happy and excited for you, friend!

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