Weekend with Dad

Matt and I were excited to head back down to Bountiful this last weekend so that we could see my dad, who had flown in from Kansas City for my younger brother Carter’s graduation.

Friday night, Dad treated us all to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, where he was able to catch up with everyone over juicy steaks and soft, buttery rolls.

After dinner, we all adjourned to the park, where we watched the kidlets play to their hearts’ content (and played our own fair share with them, too. Apparently I am no longer the queen of the monkey bars–I could barely cross them).

Here below you’ll find the grad himself–it is still so weird to me that my baby brother just graduated from high school. We’re proud of you, Cart-O man!

So glad you could come out here, Daddy! We love you and hope we can see you again soon!

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