Hi! I’m Torrie, husband is Matt, kids are Raven and Mathias (muh-THIGH-us), and this is my blog.

I don’t know why other people start blogs, but I started mine originally for two reasons: one, because my mom claimed she never knew what was going on in my life once I moved away to school, and two, I wanted a domain space that could double as a scrapbook, since heaven knows that I’ll never be making one of those anytime soon.

As I got more and more into blogging, this blog morphed into much more than just a space for myself–it turned into a sort of community where I could share pieces of our life and share all the ways I’ve been “loving and learning” a little better lately, whether that’s through the latest book I’ve read, a delicious recipe I made for my family, or the goals I’ve been setting to be a better mother/spouse/homemaker/human being. I hope that as you follow along, you get inspired to find your own ways to “love and learn” a little better!

P.S. I’d love for you to get in touch with me, whether it’s to give me some great book recommendations or ask me a question you might have! The quickest way is to email me at torrief@gmail.com.