Triple Birthday Threat

March 11th is all excitement at our house, because we get to celebrate not just one, but THREE birthdays: my brother’s, my stepdad’s, and my grandma’s.

It’s awesome.

Since my grandma has been recovering from a serious ankle break, we had the entire extended family up to the rehabilitation center for Bingo (“Bloom”) and cake and ice cream.

Even though Matt and I couldn’t stay the whole time because we had to head back up to Logan before it got too late, we still had a great time spending time with family and getting competitive over the Bingo prizes (we had our eye on the Sunny Delight, but we ended up coming home with muffin mix–still a pretty great prize).

Below are the three beaming birthday people
(my brother turned EIGHTEEN, people–that is offically weird):

And, because you can’t do a birthday post without the blowing-out-the-candles pic, here you all go:

Hope you three enjoyed your special day–we love you all!

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