Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Daylight savings has just been killing me lately–you know it’s bad when one of your students notices how snippety you seem and asks, “Are you really tired today, Mrs. Meidell? You don’t look so good.” Well said.

*Speaking of not feeling good, Matt’s been feeling pretty weird since our long run–like having vertigo and feeling nauseated. I would much rather have me be sick than him any day. Although it was pretty great that we both conked out at about 9:30 last night due to it.

*Before the vertigo/sickness kicked in last night again though, we DID have a chance to go out and play tennis for about an hour in the glorious sunshine. I love these first few spring-like days–it’s like feeling the sun for the first time ever on your skin, and you feel like you’ll never take it for granted again. As far as the tennis goes, well…let’s just say, I haven’t played in a LONG time. Months. And it showed, considering that I lost almost every game. We still had a blast though.

*Yesterday, Matt made his first-ever new recipe from scratch on his very own, while I was at school (he’s on spring break this week). It was this delicious creamy ham and pasta recipe, and it turned out fantastic. The man’s a natural, I tell you what…

*After tennis last night, we snuggled up on the couch with cookies and cream ice cream and watched Matilda. What a perfect way to spend family night. And then I discovered that Matt hasn’t read any books by Roald Dahl and I decided right then and there that I’ll be reading them all aloud to him as we go on road trips later this year. I’m sure he’s really thrilled. Because he should be.

*I wish the school day were over already so that I could go home and see how The Bachelor turns out. I’m pretty sure I can probably already guess, but I’m still excited.

*Since Matt’s on spring break and I’m not (I have to have spring break when the middle school does, which isn’t until April), we made up a bucket list of things we could do this week so that Matt will still feel like he was able to at least have some fun over his spring break. Among other things, we’re hoping to go canoeing, treat ourselves to Texas Roadhouse, go to the library, give each other nice massages after our next long run, and go on a spring photo walk. Hopefully Matt feels better soon, so we can start having ourselves some spring break time!!

*I’m getting a free facial tomorrow night through a Mary Kay consultant who contacted me out of the blue. I hope it’s a legit facial because I’ve never had one, and I’m excited! My face needs some lovin’ after all the dirt and sweat and grime I put it through on my long runs.

*I had a kid the other day (one of my noisier students) who, in response to me threatening to keep the class after because they were being so loud, say, “Really? For how long?” To which I replied, “All day, if I want.” And then he said, “Awesome! I love your class. That would be great!” Hmmm…guess I’ll have to change my threatening tactics…

*I think I’m going to go to the caucus this week. Even though I hate politics, I see what’s going on in education and know I have to stay involved, even though it’s not generally my cup of tea. Guess we’ll see how it goes. Are you planning on going to one?

*I finally set up a hair appointment for this Saturday. I figured after 6 months, it was probably time to go in again. Here are pictures of the color/cut that I’m going to bring to the stylist:

(my future hair color on the left, haircut on the right)

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