Tuesday Tell-All

Tell All Tuesday

*You wanna know the best thing ever? To open up your lunch (packed by your husband) to find a heartfelt little love note tucked inside. Matt, you are the sweetest hubby ever 🙂

*So Matt packs my lunch every morning. And BOY does that man know how to pack a good lunch: he always includes a main dish, a side dish (often yogurt or cheese and crackers), a piece of fruit, and a dessert. Lunchtime is by far the best part of my workday. Plus he’s way more thoughtful about things than I would be; like today, he put in two spoons (one for the sloppy joe mixture and one for the yogurt). The man is amazing.

*I loved celebrating Matt’s birthday with him this last weekend. But I’ll include more details on that when I do a post at home later (when I can upload pictures). I’ll just say this: he got a BIG present…(which wasn’t really from me, but was still cool).

*After tonight’s round of one-on-one peer writing conferences is over, I will be back to a normal schedule for a week and a half. Hooray! No more 50-hour workweek! I just need to keep telling myself: one round down, only three to go….icandoit icandoit icandoit…..

*You wanna know something great and terrible? Getting three dozen cookies given to us in a 24-hour span. So great, but so terrible…

*I am finally getting to the point when I can tolerate drinking water from our new drinking fountain at work. This is an important change, because it means I’ll finally be making the gradual shift from tri-weekly Dr. Pepper runs to tri-hourly water runs. Maybe my headaches will finally go away.

*I think I’ve almost gotten used to having virtually no free time during the week. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve almost convinced myself that I could do this all again. You know it’s bad when I start to think, “This isn’t so bad. Maybe I will try working and student teaching at the same time…”

*Work has improved significantly since everyone moved into their newly refurbished offices. But guess where they put me, the odd (wo)man out? In the front lobby, in the corner, facing two walls. I’d like to see YOU all try to greet customers while your back is permanently turned on the front door. Ridiculous. And just so you all know. I did, in fact, suggest that I face the other way (you know, like out into the general realm of people-hood), but my request was denied. I guess they didn’t want to see my face any more than they had to.

*I am going to be 25 on Thursday. I didn’t think I’d ever get older than about 21 (not that I thought I’d die young–I just never thought I’d get old). I’m sure I’ll still be saying the same thing when I’m 88 and wrinkly. The only comforting thing about all this is the fact that Matt will always be five days older than me. Mwa ha ha.

*I hope I don’t fall asleep at work due to the lack of Dr. Pepper in my system

*I’m totally changing my hair on Thursday. That’s the plan anyway. I sure hope I don’t hate it because nothing’s worse than cutting off all your hair only to want it back seconds later…but it’s time to do it. I’m positive. At least, I think so.

*Okay, I guess I’d better do something more productive than tell you all about my adventurous life. Have a good Tuesday!

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