Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to try to talk about student teaching so much, but my paper load is seriously becoming kind of unbearable. And now I finally know what all my English teachers were talking about…I’ve spent over 6 hours in the last two days going over one-page rough drafts, and I’ve only managed to correct half of the periods that I have. And then today I got another whole load of papers that came in that needs to be entered. AAAAAAGGGGGHHH! I will drown in papers before the semester is over.

*Want proof of how overloaded with papers I’ve been? Matt and I didn’t watch Once Upon a Time last night like we always do on Monday nights. We NEVER miss our t.v. shows. Obviously this is serious, people. But I absolutely WILL make time to watch The Bachelor tonight. No exceptions.

*I know I mentioned this in my last marathon training report, but I’m really kind of amazed at how the weight is just starting to melt off–I am now lighter than I have been in years, and the numbers keep going down. And nothing has changed–I’m still eating what I was before, and running about the same amount. Who knows why my body all of a sudden decided to drop the weight? Weird.

*Matt paid me the cutest compliment last night after I fed him his dinner. He said, “If I ordered that at a restaurant, I would never order anything else from there ever again.” My heart just melted. (I’ll be posting that recipe soon, in case you’re interested!)

*I finally started Matched. Although it’s gotten mixed reviews, I decided I wanted to give it a shot. And I made the mistake of telling Matt all about it, so now when I go home and am looking for my book…well, you can guess where it is. How that man manages to read so much more than me even though he’s busier than I am is beyond me…

*I’ll probably post more about this on my teaching blog, but I’m reading over all the students’ personal narratives right now, and they are just so endearing. Not to mention hilarious (although the students usually don’t intend them to be, which is why it’s so funny). I wonder if I would get sued if I posted funny snippets from their stories on here? Hmmm..

*Our kitchen is a disaster right now. I wanted so badly to clean it yesterday, but my aforementioned paper load just wouldn’t have it. Sigh. Maybe tonight.

*I’ve gotten into the habit of donating plasma twice a week to pay for our groceries. Whoever thought of letting us donate plasma for money was a genius. And even though I kind of hate the whole process (esp. getting my finger stuck with a needle at the beginning), it’s pretty awesome to see all that cash in my wallet. I never have cash in my wallet. I feel so rich.

*Wanna know something funny? I decided that I am much wiser with my money when I am spending it in cash than when I am using my debit card. I make smarter decisions because I can actually see how much money I’m  handing over, rather than just seeing an abstract number on the screen and swiping my card. Crazy.

*Anyway, school’s out and I’ve got a LOT of grading to do. Peace out!

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