Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Remember my cute little His/Hers garden post a couple weeks back? Well, depressingly & inexplicably, half of my container garden now lies dead, despite numerous waterings & fertilizer sprayings. So we’ll just pretend that this picture is of my own container garden, although it most definitely is not.

*I amazingly did not gain weight over the weekend, although my diet temporarily went MIA. But this week I am back full-throttle; I found out this last weekend that my body actually kinda had gotten used to eating a lesser, healthier diet and that it kind of didn’t feel so great after I tried to stuff too much family barbecue stuff into it. So I’m happy to say that I am progressing, slowly but surely. Hopefully by the time school starts, I’ll be posting some progress pics (although I was happy to note that someone *finally!* noticed that I had lost weight)

*Remember last week’s fire? Kinda great for me personally last week, not so great for me professionally this week. Due to the reconstruction going on in my usual office, I am now out in the middle of an ashy, foul-language-laden temporary workspace, and I don’t even have a bathroom anymore (or my beloved drinking fountain!). So I’ve taken to not drinking water so I don’t have to use the gross laborers’ bathroom and am praying that I have my own (non-smoky) toilet soon. The upside to working out in the middle of the front lobby? I’m not suffocating from the heat anymore, thanks to a constant draft blowing in through the front doors. The downside? I’m now suffocating from the dust settling into my lungs from the construction and the concrete and the outside parking lot.

*The long weekend was just what the morale doctor ordered for me. I’m excited to post some of the pictures we took of our adventures (nothing too extraordinary, but I was just excited to be doing anything besides answering phones and working out). I’ve been a super slacker in the taking-pictures department, so it was good to finally get some.

*I decided I spend an abnormal amount of time worrying about when my magazines will come. I really do have a problem.

*Listening to Harry Potter on audiobook is about the best thing EVER to listen to while traveling. It is, however, creating a problem with my punctuality at work, seeing as how I tend to be much more interested in staying in the car to finish listening to the chapter than I am in entering invoices and taking calls from cranky people who want to be paid.

*You wanna know something? I don’t think I ever really worried too much about paying bills when I was single. Now that I’m a married woman, I seem to worry about them all the time. What’s up with that?

*Remember those books I mentioned last Tuesday that I’d ordered from B&N? Yeah, they still haven’t come yet. I have taken off a whole week from book-reading in anticipation of getting these new books, and all for NOTHING. Sigh.

*K, that’s about it. Time to go eat my most recently-tried new (healthy) recipe: Black Bean Tortilla Pie. Mmm hmm!

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