Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*Hooray for Thanksgiving Break!

*That would be a much bigger hooray (like a HOORAY) if it wasn’t for the following three facts: one, I have to work tomorrow. Two, Matt has to work tomorrow AND Friday. Three, we get to spend hours upon hours tonight getting our house ready to be sprayed for roaches tomorrow (due to a neighbor having seen a single roach in her kitchen). While I’m glad we won’t have to worry about roaches, I am not as glad about having to move all the food out of the cupboard, pull all the furniture away from the walls, and move everything out of our storage closets. Happy Thanksgiving, stupid roaches. Now DIE.

*I went to a teacher development training today at Logan High just so I could see what all the “real” teachers do. I had a hard time not giggling when everyone kept looking at me wondering what the heck I was doing in their training. Experience, people. Just gaining experience.

*I did a lot of soul-searching for about 35 minutes while the rest of Logan High was eating lunch. For what I was soul-searching about, check out my post on my other blog: http://soulsymmetry.blogspot.com

*Last night I tried out a whole lot of new recipes, new cooking techniques, AND new meal-planning strategies (aka, have more than just the entree to serve Matt when he gets home from work). Thumbs up to me for successfully completing all three goals!! (and making Matt like sweet potatoes!)

*I really want to go take advantage of the $4.99 burger combo deal happening at Angie’s today, but we’re trying to save money to prepare for the holidays. The real question is: will I mention the deal or will I not mention it? For on such hinges the fact of us going or not…

*Even though money will be tight next semester while I’m student teaching (and not working), can I just say how excited I am to quit my job? VERY EXCITED. I pretty much am counting down the days until freedom.

*I am going to attempt the Black Friday madness, people–there are two big-ticket items that I really just don’t to pay full price for. And I’m going to make Matt come with me. Heaven help me (more for tolerating Matt’s unavoidable complaining before, during, and after, not so much for the actual shopping itself). Let the madness begin!

What are your plans for this Thanksgiving week?

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