Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*After months of sweat, toil, and constant vigilance (largely on the part of Matt, let’s be honest), our own little cosmos plants have grown and flourished from the tiny seeds they once were. Isn’t that magical? Of course, it’s nothing short of a miracle that they’re not all dead, considering that Matt and I kept going out of town and forgetting to tell people to water them…

*Okay, silly girl moment now: can I just say how EXCITED I am that my hair is now long enough to do these waves again? I mean, LOGICALLY I can do them with shorter hair, but it usually ends up looking like my head is a giant triangle, and the geometric look just really isn’t my thing. But now, within the last week or so, my hair has somehow become long enough that these waves work again. Hallelujah!

*Yes, I did just have to double-check on the spelling of hallelujah. What a weird word.

*So tonight we’re going out with some friends to celebrate Matt being completely done with math forever–we’re going to get a massive amount of ice cream and just stuff ourselves silly. I seriously can’t wait!

*Of course, Matt isn’t completely out of the study zone yet: he’s got his huge comprehensive anatomy final tomorrow, so all day long, this is what I’ve been looking at:

*Mom, don’t look too closely at the kitchen behind Matt’s head.

*Remember how I mentioned in my post about girls’ camp about how I got sunburned and all? Well, now I’m in the lovely stage of things where my scalp is peeling. I honestly think that the scalp is the worst body part to get burned for that very reason. Is anyone with me on this?

*Of course, you probably don’t burn at all. In which case, I stick my tongue out at you 😛

*We leave on our cruise to Alaska NEXT WEEK. Can you believe it? I can’t. Have you ever been on a cruise? Do you have any tips for me, a cruise first-timer?

*Matt is scratching his armpit as we speak. Just thought you should know.

*Now, after telling him that I just put that in, he asked me if I would like him to pick his nose. He’s so charming.

*I have finally started Fellowship of the Ring and am liking it so much more than The Hobbit. I think it’s just because I like to read books with MEAT, you know?

*Apparently though, judging by comments that were said/written about my review of The Hobbit, I am the only one to feel the way I do about that book. Guess I’m just difficult to please.

*Here’s a pretty picture of one of our flowers to change the subject:

*I just made this awesome ham/potato/corn dish all drenched in a creamy cheese sauce for lunch, and it was awesome. Especially because I drank a whole bottle of Dr. Pepper with it. Life is good, friends.

*What makes that lunch even better was that we finished watching Girls Just Want to Have Fun to keep Matt’s head from exploding with weird anatomy facts.

*For example, did you know that physical therapists sometimes use maggots to clean wounds? How gross is that?

*So I pretty much start my new teaching job right after getting back from the cruise. I maybe kind of am starting to freak out a little bit. Not so much about the teaching, mind you–mostly about decorating that dang classroom of mine. Stressful, I tell you.

*Yes, I’m dead serious about that last comment.

*So I’ve tried to spend my time more wisely lately (instead of spending hours every day playing Angry Birds and drooling over cookbooks–you should be proud), and in addition to playing the piano, typing up my mission journals, and cleaning the house, I have also started to try and play around with photo editing programs. Mostly, I’m just abysmal at it. But today I found a cool site (picmonkey) that pretty much has shortcuts to all the cool photo editing stuff so you don’t have to actually learn the complicated way. Here’s a couple examples (original is on the left):

*That kind of just blows my mind. You should try it out.

Have a great Tuesday! (And don’t forget to leave me your best cruise tips!)

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