Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I am just itching to go out on a fall walk, what with all the trees changing and all. Someone want to come teach for me so I can have a break?

*Actually, I’m getting my first sub tomorrow, since I’ll be heading down south for a training all day. I’m a little nervous–I’ve already told my students that they’d all better be on their best behavior, but I could just see the wicked little gleam in some of their beady eyes the second I said, “Sub.” The small break will be kinda nice though, I won’t lie.

*All the other teachers were sitting around in the faculty room during lunch yesterday and marveling at how much weight they’d all gained since the school year started. I kept my mouth shut because I’ve actually been steadily LOSING weight; it’s about the only positive thing about being so stressed out all the time, actually–I have no appetite.

*Since I got some fun money to spend for my birthday, I went right out and bought six new movies, one of which was John Tucker Must Die (which I actually had owned previously, but which was stolen from me by a neighboring apartment although I can’t remember by whom). I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: even though that movie is one of the most ridiculous movies ever made, it’s definitely in my top 5 for best guilty-pleasure movies. Watching it again last night for the first time in a few years just made my heart do a little happy jig. What guilty-pleasure movies do you love?

*Today in creative writing, I made my class write odes to one of their favorite objects. Some of them were stinker-ish about it (because a lot of them claim they hate poetry or are terrified by it), but I thought it would be fun. See?

Ode to John Tucker Must Die

Plastic wrap ripped
Clean off
The second I get home
Shiny disk
In the
gluttonous light
of a
How I’ve longed for you,
Tale of heartbreak
That tickles my eyes
And makes me wish
that I had spent
A lot sooner.

*I mean, awesome. Right?

*Okay, I know I’m weird. And that, my friends, is why I became an English teacher. To keep up with the stereotypes and all.

*One of my fellow Language Arts teacher brought me in a whole case of Dr. Pepper today as a late birthday gift. Happy day, indeed!

*I went running the other day for the first time in a couple months. I was so worried that I would have lost all the running ability I had gained from training (and doing) the marathon, but, ta-da! Apparently my body is a lot cooler than I give it credit for: I easily went the 3.5 miles and could have kept on going. Now why hasn’t my body always been like this?

*Theory: maybe my body is like this now because it feels like it gets put through a mental marathon every day at school, since I have to watch over and teach 150 kids and all. I think that’s a valid hypothesis.

*Today I was using a murder mystery to help my kids learn argument writing, and the principal came in unannounced and watched part of the lesson. I didn’t know whether to be glad that he came in on a day when we were doing something creative or worried that he came in and heard me talking about a drunk man being murdered by his vengeful wife. Hmmm…

*Awkward story of the day: so as the prompt for my creative writing class, I told my students they needed to list 10 things they really loved and then describe one of them in great detail using sensory details for all five senses. Well, one of my students happened to choose me as one of her things, and then she proceeded to share (during sharing time) her VERY detailed description of me. I don’t blush very often, but I was definitely feeling my face get pretty heated during the whole thing, just because it made me realize that my students really do pay a LOT of attention to everything I do/say/wear/etc. Of course, it didn’t help that when she came to the part about what I tasted like and after her saying, “I don’t really want to think about it” [awkward enough], another girl pipes up, “I bet Mr. Meidell could tell us all what she tastes like.” I mean, honestly–middle schoolers! They really are just figuring out the social conventions, one day at a time…


*If all goes well, I’ll finally be getting my hair done again this weekend. I pretty much can’t wait.

*Anyway, my handsome hubby (who apparently knows what I taste like) has just made me some delicious, steaming-hot waffles, which I am about to devour in about 2.5 seconds.

*What awkward stories have been happening in your life?

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