Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All, A Day Late

*On Monday, I told my sixth hour class that the next day was my anniversary AND Teacher Appreciation Day, so I was expecting them to bring in Diet Dr. Pepper and chocolate and shower me with love and appreciation. I also may or may not have told them that if they did, I would let them play Capture the Flag outside the whole hour (right after saying that I was incapable of being bribed). Saddest part? No one brought me any.

*(I made up for it though by buying myself an eight-pack of DP at Walmart on the way home (if no one else will appreciate me, I guess I will!!)

*We currently only have one working vehicle, as Frogger (my ’96 green Ford Escort) has decided to retire. Honestly, at this point, I don’t even know what to do with it—is it worth it to put yet more money into that death-on-wheels machine? The registration for it is due at the end of this month (so we probably should decide soon), but I honestly think we’ll just have to deal with being one-car kind of people for now. It kinda stinks.

*For the first time ever, I have been temporarily deferred from donating plasma. Apparently during my last routine full blood sample, I showed low protein levels. What?! My diet IS protein–I found that out when I started keeping a food diary a couple summers ago (and I found out that protein usually makes up over 50% of my calories). Well, whatever the reason for it, I have to wait until the latest blood test results come in until I can donate again, which could take up to two more weeks. Boo.

*I never realized how much I depend on that extra $65 a week until I’m now no longer able to do it. Oh well. I’ll make it work.

*So even though Matt’s technically on his summer vacation already, it hasn’t been too difficult for me yet because he’s still working at his job, which means that he wakes up at the same time that I do every morning still. Even though it stinks for him to have to spend his summer mornings waking up at a quarter to six every morning, I’m sure darn grateful that it’s not just me having to do it every day 🙂

*So today I had this student come up to me right before lunch (when I really, REALLY had to use the bathroom—I’d already been holding it over two hours), and he proceeds to launch into this sob story about how his mom is almost crying over his grades and about how it would be such a nice Mother’s Day present to her if I could raise his grades up so she wouldn’t be so worried and sad. I proceeded to tell him that in order for me to raise his grades, he would have to re-do all the work that he’d already done this tri (or not done) and see if he can do them better the second time. I had to explain it to him about 5 times before he realized that I wasn’t just going to boost up his grade or offer him some miracle exit.

*At least he asked now though, instead of two days before the end of the school year, right?

*There are 35 items left on the master to-do list I created of everything I have to do and grade before the end of the school year. Yuck.

*Yesterday (as I was working on one of my to-do items), I had to write these personal letters to these students who have made it to the celebratory meal at the end of the year called Breakfast of Champions. (Backstory: each student who has earned a spot either by perfect citizenship scores or very high academic grades gets to go to this breakfast, gets their picture on a Wheaties box, and gets a personal letter of congratulations written by one of their teachers). I was assigned to write six of those letters. Confession: I totally almost started tearing up when I was writing them. This is bad news, people–it’s WAY too early to start the end-of-year waterworks. This could get ugly.

*Last night (we celebrated our anniversary low-key style at home), Matt and I watched Drive Me Crazy, the Melissa Joan Hart high school movie I checked out from the library. I remembered watching it with a bunch of my friends back in like junior high and rewinding and rewatching the last ten minutes about 15 times in a row because we loved it so much. Honestly, I’m impressed we even made it through the whole movie last night–that’s got to be one of the WORST movies of that decade. WORST. Go on, I dare you to go check it out and refute that fact.

*Any movies you loved when you were younger but can’t stand now?


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