Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Warning! Warning! I am one massive, writhing, fatigued stress-case today, and so if the various parts of my post don’t add up to make some kind of holistic sense, you can blame the fact that I’m 6.5 school days away from being finished, and I’m out for blood due to some misbehaving students.

*Just thought you should know.

*Seriously though, I’ve never been so absolutely ready for anything to be over with in my whole life (except for maybe the finals week right before we got married or the last six miles or so of the marathon we ran last year). I feel like if I spend much longer in this constant state of busy-ness, anxiety, and frustration, I will quickly become the craziest, worst version of myself. Can’t I just go to bed and have someone wake me up when it’s all over?

*Case in point: usually, I’m patient with students to the point of being too kind. Yesterday, I told a student to her face that she needed to cut the crap and stop creating drama (although, in my defense, she’s had it coming for weeks). Basically what had happened was that I’d placed her in a group with two of her friends and this one girl who is basically her enemy but also friends with the other two. They’ve been taking the whole middle-school-girl-drama to the limit, complete with backbiting, gossip, revenge tactics, you name it. I thought I wouldn’t have a problem teaching this age group for another year, but now I’m not so sure…

*That might just be the stress talking, though.

*Because I’ve been so busy, Matt’s been really stepping it up and helping out a ton around the house and stuff. Yesterday I actually convinced him to make a full-on slow cooker meal complete with homemade meatballs and made-from-scratch spaghetti sauce. I’m telling ya, my man has got some serious natural talent in the kitchen. Now if he just had the love of cooking that I do and wanted to do more of it all the time…

*Because my grading stack has reached unhealthy, fire-hazard proportions, I stole twelve quarters out of our coin jar at home to get myself through the whole thing with the help of few Diet Dr. Peppers. Matt hated the idea because he’s kinda crazy about us not touching the coin jars for any reason, but desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say. Do you keep a coin jug in your home? And does your spouse go ballistic if you take a couple coins out like mine does?

*Okay, maybe not BALLISTIC. But still.

*We have our biggest youth activity of the year planned for this Thursday. Seriously? My timing is just impeccable…You know it’s bad when your first thought every morning is, “Is this week over yet?”

*Today as I was walking in my classroom for sixth hour to start (I’d just been in the computer lab with my previous class), I opened the door to a Frisbee almost hitting my face. Yeah, it’s definitely the end of the school year.

*Of course, after the very first stern talking-to of the whole trimester to that same 6th hour class, they behaved like angelic lambs the rest of the hour. It was my one blissful respite from what has been–pardon the language–a bit of a hellish day.

*My social dance group is doing a final performance in front of the whole grade tomorrow. I somehow made the epic mistake of showing them a cool lift just to give them a break from rehearsal, and now they all want to try and incorporate it into the routine tomorrow. I did finally relent and give my permission for two couples to try it, but their success rate in landing it has been about an 8% so far, so tomorrow’s performance should be interesting, to say the least.

*In other news, I have been nominated as one of the teachers to go up against the students in a hula hooping competition tomorrow. Little do they know that I used to be a hula hooping CHAMP back in the day. Hope that my mad skills are still there after lying dormant for about 10 years. Wish me luck, folks.

*I decided that my favorite sin is speeding. I know I shouldn’t do it and that it’s dishonest, but there’s just something about the open stretch of highway between my work and apartment that just screams, “STEP ON IT, ALREADY!!” I usually limit myself to just 5-10 over (which is probably why I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket), but it seriously is a problem. You know your moral compass is off on something when the only reason you avoid doing it is to escape punishment (aka, when you spy a cop car). So there you go. My little confession for the day. Are you a speeder?

*P.S. I issue a public apology to anyone that has to drive near me while I’m on my commute to or from work. I swear, that commute brings out the worst in me. After this job’s over with, I think I’ll try much harder in the future to look for a job that’s much closer to home.

*Okay, school’s out. Time to go get me a DDP and start attacking some of those papers. Boo.


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