Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Thanks to my mother-in-law, we have found our latest meatless obsession: two corn tortillas (doubled up) smothered in cheddar cheese, avocados, and hot sauce. As she said, “When you have food like this, who needs meat?”

*So last night, I did something quite un-Torrie-like: I randomly decided to take off 3 days during Matt’s spring break (my only personal leave days this year) and book a hotel down by Bryce Canyon. We’re going to spend that whole time exploring the national park (which I’ve never been to) and kickin’ it by the hot tub. I cannot WAIT. However, even though it may not be much like me–I LOVE it. I’m always trying to be more of a spontaneous, focus-on-the-good-stuff person. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I need to be more unlike me more often.

*You’ll never believe it–Matt FINALLY got a haircut. After mentioning about every other day how much he needed one (for the past 4 MONTHS), he finally was able to get one from our sister-in-law this last weekend. And he just looks so darn HANDSOME that I just keep grabbing him for a smooch.

*I just can’t help it.

*Today, I was in charge of taking all the students from all the 7th grade Language Arts classes each hour who were done with their research papers and having a big game day with them. Seriously, I want everybody to try this at least once–YOU try directing a group of thirty-five 7th graders to nicely behave themselves while playing a high-energy, highly competitive game like Do You Love Your Neighbor. I dare you.

*Needless to say, I had a girl during 3rd hour who got pushed out of her chair so forcefully by one of the overcompetitive boys that she smacked her head on all the desks behind her and had to be sent to the nurse. Seriously. Do You Love Your Neighbor is serious business, people.

*That’s part of the reason why I’m doing this blog post so late–I’ve needed all these hours to unwind my brain from the craziness that was teaching today.

*And by teaching, I mean straight-up monitoring.

*(I’ve also been organizing our kitchen drawers for tomorrow’s post. Can you say procrastination?)

*I’ve been thinking a lot today about if I had to pick a word to describe myself for each month, what would it be? And unfortunately, what I thought of for this year was nothing too positive: for January, I felt like, truth be told, my word would have had to be something like “down”–not quite severe enough to be outright depressed, but I was feeling pretty low all month. And now, for this month, I think I’d have to say my word would be Restless. I just keep feeling the urge that something has got to change and fast before I go crazy–I just feel cooped up all the time, and it’s like I just can’t kick the negativity that seems to come into my thoughts almost every morning as I’m facing another day of teaching. I’m hoping this is just seasonal and not just that I’m discovering that I’m not cut out to be a teacher.

*I think part of the reason too why I’ve been feeling so antsy is because I really miss exercising, but I feel like I’ve taken so much on my plate that exercise has just been pushed down the list of priorities. Sure, I’ll still do some push-ups and crunches and squats about every other day, but I miss running. I miss Zumba. I miss things that get my heart rate going. And until either the weather gets warmer or I get enough money for a gym pass, it looks like I might be stuck in this funk for awhile.

*I hope you don’t mind that this Tuesday Tell-All isn’t as upbeat as most. Truth is, there are some days I just don’t really feel like blogging or like putting myself out there. I’m sure my fellow bloggers have felt the same. And occasionally I question whether I should even post on days like this. But the truth is, a Tuesday Tell-ALL doens’t just mean I should tell you about the funny stuff going on in my life, or the stuff that’s more lighthearted–it means telling everything, including the not-so-great. I’m sure you understand.

*If you had to pick a word to describe your month so far, what would it be?

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