Birthdays, Surprises, & Bowling

Since we hadn’t been home to see our families since Christmas, we decided this weekend that we’d probably better suck it up and pay the extra gas costs and get ourselves to Bountiful already.

We couldn’t have picked a better weekend to go.

Besides being a 3-day weekend (which just automatically makes for a more convenient weekend to travel), it was also our friend Sam’s birthday as well as one of our niece’s birthdays.

So what better way to celebrate than with a mini surprise party?

While Sam and wife Kayla were out to dinner, we (along with our other friends Haley and Richard) snuck in to their house (using the key that Kayla had given me earlier in the day), decorated the whole place up, and secreted ourselves into various locations by the door right before they got home.

There’s just something kind of exhilarating about hiding in the dark waiting to scare the pants off of somebody, ya know? (Even if Sam admitted later that he really hates surprises. Ha ha.)

Except Sam kind of knew something was up, so he wasn’t SUPER surprised, but we still had fun trying 🙂

 We followed up the surprise-making with some good ol’ Costco cake and trick candles, then took ourselves on over to the bowling alley to take advantage of their $6/person for an hour of bowling deal.

I scored a 114 in our first game, which is the highest I’ve bowled in years.

I’m not a very good bowler.

In case you couldn’t put two and two together there.

In other news, we spent the rest of the weekend at a board game convention (Matt) and at the family history library (me), as well as having our second birthday celebration of the weekend with all of Matt’s family on Sunday.

And we still have the whole day ahead of us today to enjoy.


Love the weekends.

What did you do? And how do you feel about surprise parties?

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