V-Day: The Aftermath

Something that will never cease to amaze me about marriage is that you think you know your spouse pretty well, and then they’ll do something totally unpredictable that just makes you fall in love with them all over again.

Partly just because it shocks the heck out of you.

And I kind of like that.

Take last Valentine’s Day, for instance–I was expecting our first V-day together to go pretty typically (flowers when I got home, a dinner out) . . . but then he shocked me by getting me all that kind of stuff the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day. For a minute, I thought he just didn’t know what day Valentine’s Day really was. But then he explained that he wanted to break tradition a bit and get me flowers on a different day just because he could.

Well, since nothing out of the ordinary had happened as of Wednesday night this year, I figured we’d have a pretty typical Valentine’s Day, even though Matt still had the activity with the young men in the evening, which would cut into our time together.

Or so I thought.

I was pretty bummed that they hadn’t cancelled the activity, but I figured I’d go on ahead and plan a little romantic dinner for when he got back. So I kept pestering him with questions about what they were doing and how long they would be so I would be able to time the meal just right. And when the afternoon hours kept passing and no surprises were presented, I figured that Matt hadn’t really planned to do anything for the holiday this year and was just stressed out with school and with the everything else going on. Or that he’d do something the next day, just to spite me.

Imagine my surprise then when about 25 minutes after he’s left for this so-called activity, he comes bursting in the door with flowers and surprises and is looking all sorts of mischievous.

“What?! You’re done with your activity ALREADY?! I’m not even close to being done with dinner!”

“I never HAD an activity. You just ask so many dang QUESTIONS– it’s almost impossible to surprise you with anything. And I kinda wanted you to think that I wasn’t going to do anything for you for Valentine’s Day.”

“Well it WORKED.”

*Matt smiles in triumph* (cue fist pump)

So all in all, we enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner of steak and potatoes followed up by two wickedly delicious chocolate cupcakes.

(And when I say steak, I mean STEAK–Matt’s was over 16 ounces!)

Did you do anything fun for the holiday? Any surprises?

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