Our Minimalist Gingerbread House

Apparently all the studying I’ve done this year on minimalism and simple living is making a difference after all–

Over the weekend, Matt and I made the cutest little minimalist gingerbread house you ever did see.

After our Thanksgiving festivities, my mom pulled out all the trimmings for making gingerbread houses for all of us kids and our families, and I have to say, this was about the coolest way to let our food digest before pie that I ever did hear of.

Wanna know something sad? Other than a tiny graham cracker house maybe once or twice in my life, I don’t think I’ve ever decorated a proper gingerbread house.

Plus it was just hilarious to watch how little of the candy and frosting seemed to make it onto my nieces’ and nephews’ houses (and how much managed to make it into their mouths).

True, Matt did most of the heavy decorating on our house (I helped by putting the candies on). That man just has a gift for making food look so much better and more elegant than I can.

You might be wondering why I call our house “minimalist,” but if you take a close look at the picture below, you might be able to see where I’m coming from. (Guess that’s what happens when you don’t have kids.)

(I did try to take a better picture of all the houses side by side, but it was out of focus. Bummer.)

In the end, even though we spent the most time on our house (and had the least amount of candy on it), I thought it was perfectly delightful. And check out chose icicles Matt managed to put on there—impressive work!

Have you ever decorated a proper gingerbread house? And if so, do you like putting on as much candy as possible, or do you go for the simpler look like we did?

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