Holiday Card Outtakes (aka What Makes a Picture NOT-Holiday-Card-Worthy)

One nice thing about a blog is that I get to control the content. And in particular, the nice thing about a blog is that I get to control what pictures of myself are released into the wild of the World Wide Web for all the universe to see.

It’s not like a driver’s license shot, where there are no do-overs or Photoshop edits—on my blog, I get the pure pleasure of being in control, all the time.

I always suspected I was kind of a control freak.

But, just in case you get the wrong idea and start thinking I’m just particularly photogenic (since I usually only post semi-decent pictures of myself on here), I thought I’d get a bit real today and show you some of the shots that DIDN’T make the holiday card this year—the shots that I usually would just delete (except for the fact that my husband freaks out whenever I start hovering the mouse over the “remove” button).

So here you go, folks: my list of things that make a picture NOT worthy to be sent out on the holiday card:

1. Creative Ideas Gone Wrong

To break out of the funk of the typical “stand and smile” shot, Matt and I usually attempt a few shots that are a little more, um, creative. Take the picture at the top of this post for example—we’d planned to use the sign and just edit out the “wreath” at the bottom, but the word “Christmas” by itself didn’t exactly send out the message we were going for either. Of course, it didn’t help that (as a joke) Matt lay down in front in his “model” pose, which made it so that neither of us could keep a straight face.

2. Spontaneity at its Most Awkward

I’m married to a pretty fun-loving, spontaneous guy; I will often find myself being pulled along as Matt starts to skip, or laughing as he starts singing loudly in public. In one of his “freer” moments on this particular shoot (Matt’s mom was our photographer, btw), Matt decided to show our joy and love for Christmas by instructing us both to spread our arms wide in welcome of the season. Or something like that.

3. Location, Location, Location
As a budding photographer myself, I’m always on the lookout for unusual places and backgrounds to shoot at. The problem with many of these locations is that it usually requires the subjects (us, in this case) to finagle our way through hidden puddles, thorny weeds, and apparently awkward plant fluff that sticks to your bum. Not exactly holiday-card material (especially when you get a shot of both Matt and I looking at my butt to try and see what was on it).
4. Truly Candid Shots That Just Prove You’re Not Photo-Worthy Every Second
Matt is a big fan of the candid shots, which has come to mean that I try to have a pleasant look on my face at all times because I never know when he’ll be taking a shot. However, I seem to let my guard down when someone else is behind the lens, thus accounting for lots of shots like the one below.

5. Shots That Show Ourselves Just a Little TOO Honestly

Although I’m trying to look cutesy in the picture below, Matt is letting his true colors fly. I’ll have you all know that he makes that face about 15 times a day.

6. Primping and/or Talking

In many of the shots that didn’t make the cut, I seem to be fixing either my hair or clothing, while Matt appears to be directing his mom or cracking a joke. And therein lies our essences: Me = Vain, Matt = Wise Guy.

Did you take pictures for a holiday card this year? Which ones didn’t make the cut for you?

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