Spontaneous Date, Take II: The Piano Guys

After the success of last weekend’s spontaneous date night, I figured it would be pretty hard to top that (hence the reason I’d planned on staying in and baking all weekend). And I figured, “Hey, if I’m spontaneous all the time, it no longer becomes spontaneous: it becomes routine.” Right?

I’ve got some sick reasoning skills.

However, fate had other things in mind for us this weekend. On Thursday, I suddenly realized that our 18-month anniversary was this last week (on the 7th), and I hadn’t made so much as a peep about it to hubby.

(And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t recognize and celebrate every single tiny milestone in our life?)

So I told Matt that we were going out to celebrate.

He didn’t complain.

Especially when my dinner came out looking like this (and I let him steal some):

Fate continued to intervene when I got a most unexpected (and completely delightful) text from my fabulous friend Karianne, who told me that she had two tickets to go see The Piano Guys that she wouldn’t be able to use. And she thought of moi when she asked herself, “Who could really use a good date night?”
So off we went to the concert hall, thoroughly stuffed with Belgian waffles and whipped cream, and prepared ourselves for an evening of (free) entertainment.
What I hadn’t expected was for my mind to be Blown. Completely. Away.
I mean, I had watched some videos of The Piano Guys on Youtube (and thought they were awesome), but I hadn’t thought too much of it.
Last night’s concert converted me to them for life.
Seriously, go check them out.
Just the other week, I was remarking to Matt that music didn’t seem to be as much of a part of my life as it used to. When I was a teenager, it seemed like music was all I had to help me express all the emotions that I had bottled up inside me. I LIVED for new music coming out from my favorite artists, and I would spend hours upon hours in my bedroom just lying down and listening to the c.d.’s in my 5-disc c.d. player. But, since getting older, it has seemingly become less and less important, and I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve really felt INSPIRED by music.
That all changed on Saturday night. Listening to them play, my desire to more faithfully practice the piano and violin was renewed, and I found myself singing in church today with extra vigor.
So, if you’re feeling like music has lost some of its magic for you too, go ahead and check them out.

Are you a fan of The Piano Guys?

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