Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I’ve never been a huge fan of cold weather, but there is one thing that I definitely don’t mind, and that’s the fact that I feel like I can get away with making soup almost every night. I try to get away with it in the summer, but it just doesn’t work as well, ya know? Lately, I’ve been trying every recipe for white chicken chili that I have. I am simply addicted! What’s your favorite soup to make?

*I’ve been doing an after-school club for the past 6 weeks that’s all about money management, and today was the last day. And I am SOOOO relieved. I mean, the extra money will be nice and all, but it seemed like almost every Tuesday, I was turning into this crazy psycho because the kids were just so hyper during the whole thing (probably because school was out and they had all that excess energy to splatter all over). But I am FINISHED!!! woo hoo!!

*There is this kid that I have three times every day, and about four times a week, he’ll say, “Hey, Mrs. Meidell.” Me: “What?” Him: “Chicken butt.” So lately I’ve started responding with, “Hmm?” To which he always gives a huge sigh. Ha ha. Outsmartin’ the 7th graders, I am.

*Teaching has been full of a few more downs than ups the past several weeks, but today was a good one. Surprisingly, it was the after-school club that did it (the only time in the history of our club that that has happened). We were basically wrapping up everything we had learned from the club, and even though just two boys showed up, when they were able to explain to me clearly all sorts of things that they had learned and set financial goals for themselves, I had one of those moments where you realize that teaching really can be worth all the struggle. Plus it really helped that they absolutely loved the prizes I had picked out for them. Apparently huge chocolate candy bars really motivate students. Who knew? 🙂

*It turns out I only get Thursday and Friday off next week, and that I have to go in for a teacher prep day all day Wednesday. Boo.

*But, despite all that, I am still STOKED for Thanksgiving. I mean, I just can’t even handle waiting anymore! (Not least because this week is insanely packed with stuff I need to do).

*I have been breaking out like crazy over the past month. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve been  under so much stress, but still! Is is normal for me to have this problem when I am this far past adolescence? So not cool. Please tell me I’m not the only one…

*I’m still trying to work on my Change It Up Challenge of eating more fruits and vegetables. I have yet to hit 35 in a week, and unless I really ramp it up this week, it might be awhile before that particular milestone is met. For the goal, I basically need to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Between Sunday and Monday of this week, I ate five total. I did get 6 in today, but that’s because I just had a huge salad for dinner. I guess this is why they say change is hard, eh?

*I am excited to try out all the dinner ideas everybody gave me on that post though (esp. those soup recipes!). Hopefully by the end of the month, I can make this a regular habit instead of just some goal that I try once and never do again.

*Speaking of this challenge though, I seriously have an avocado problem. I find myself craving them All. The. Time. And they’re like $1 apiece! It makes me curse myself for those times on the mission that I would receive a bag of 20 or so from a neighbor’s tree and only eat 3.

*Those golden fruits up in that picture that look like apples? They are pears. And they are a little strange–a bit too sickly sweet for my taste. Anyone else tried them?

*A nice side effect of me eating more fresh produce: I’ve dropped two pounds 🙂

*Who knew I could talk about produce for so long? You’d think it was chocolate or something.

*So I’m a real teacher now: I got a kid suspended from school yesterday. It makes me feel so tough. Actually the whole situation just made me mad, but that’s another story…

*I get to go down to Farmington tomorrow and go to a teaching workshop, which makes me excited about two things: 1) I get an extra hour of sleep (because even though Farmington is 50 miles further than my work, the conference starts an hour and a half later, and I don’t have to be there for contract time), and 2) We get to eat a catered lunch (which was perfectly scrumptious the last time I had this training). I love it.

*I get way too excited over the free-food aspect of things…

*Okay, all this talk of food has made me hungry again. Guess I’d best go grab an apple 🙂

(Or a piece of chocolate)

*How are you doing on eating your fruits and veggies?

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