Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All


(Random pictures courtesy of a trip to Europe way back when I was a wee lass of 19)

*Here’s how my day went yesterday:

-I learned that all of my craziest, rowdiest, most hard-to-contain, drive-me-bat-crazy kids who all have me for Spanish also all list Spanish as their favorite class. Go figure. It made me wonder aloud to Matt tonight if that means I’m going way too easy on them. I’m thinking I’d better throw in some boring days now and then so maybe they’ll stop thinking the class is so fun, eh?

-That’ll teach ’em to like my class.

-I personally had to get in between a hissy fight that broke out between a couple in my swing dancing class. The boy kept blaming the girl and everyone else in the class for why they weren’t following the routine we’re trying to practice, and I had to threaten to kick him out because the girl looked like she was about to get emotional. Life is never dull with this year’s country swing group.

-Also happening with the country swing group: apparently, a power struggle has broken out every day during lunch on the stage, where the people in the class who think they’re the best dancers won’t let any of the other, non-best dancers up on the stage to practice. Aren’t you so glad you’re not in 7th grade anymore? I mean, where do they get these crazy ideas from? Where is the rule book for life that says that 7th and 8th grade experiences must include one of each of the following: petty drama between friends, weird hierarchies that are built on shallow skills like dancing or dressing well, intense focusing on every single little thing that everyone else is doing, and laughing every time the teacher says the word “but” when talking about conjunctions? WHERE IS THAT RULE BOOK?!

-I had to “bench” everybody in my 3rd hour during a game of Four Corners because they just couldn’t handle it. Not only were they trying to sprawl on the floor and all over their friends (despite me repeatedly threatening to stop the game if they kept it up), but no one was getting the whole purpose of the activity, even after multiple, slowed-down explanations. None of my other classes had any problem whatsoever, and it seems like the other classes all had a good time with it (and actually learned something—gasp!). I don’t know what it is, but something is sure funky with my third hour. It’s like there’s something in the water that makes them unable to construct full sentences, listen to more than a half-sentence of directions at a time, or observe almost any normal social protocols.

-It really is the weirdest how different combinations of kids produce such completely different results.

-In my 6th hour, I had a kid (who I had singled out and “benched” during the game for being too crazy) actually take off his shoe and start sniffing it right in the middle of the room.

-Why do I DO this to myself?

*In other news, I found out yesterday that I’ve been deferred from donating plasma for the next four months due to the colonoscopy I had to have last week. Lame, lame, and LAME. Now I’m actually going to have use my paycheck to start paying for our groceries (something I haven’t done for almost two years, ever since I started donating). Although I don’t mind the theory of a budget, it’s just been so nice to know I can just spend whatever’s on my plasma debit card and get whatever I want up to the amount on it. No budgeting other than blood budgeting to worry about.

*Another financial woe: apparently, my health insurance isn’t as hot as I thought because I have to cover my full deductible before they’ll start kicking in and paying for some of these procedures I had to do lately. Bye bye, two years’ worth of savings. Bye bye prospect of actually getting a second car so Matt can have a form of transportation during the week. Bye bye hopes of keeping our student loans low during Matt’s time in PT school.

*Later this week, to get some of my financial frustration out, I’m doing a post on money. So here’s what I want to know:

-What’s your biggest money concern?
-Do you keep a budget?
-How much do you pay for health insurance a month? (If you’re comfortable sharing)
-What are some ways that you manage to earn a little extra money when times are tight? (Or ways that you cut corners on expenses when times are tight?)

*anxiety moment*

*Changing the subject (so that my heart rate can return to normal), I know you’re all just dying to know, but we did, in fact, NOT dress up for Halloween this year. We’ve pretty much got to be the biggest party poopers of all time, but it’s just so much extra WORK, and I’d rather spend all that extra time making chocolate chip cookies that I can down by the handful and watching Season 4 of Chuck. Ya know?

*(Of course you don’t know, because it seems like everyone and their dog—literally—dressed up for the holiday this year. How do people do it?!)

*Matt and I got in a little tiff over squash last night. I guess it’s a good thing when the majority of our bickering is about vegetables, but really—SQUASH? I blame it on my day yesterday. (Plus I was right anyway 😛 ).

*What was the last thing you argued/bickered with your significant other about?

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