Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*First off, thank you to everyone who offered me consolation/support/a shoulder to cry on/etc. after my terrible, no-good, awful workday(s) last week. I have since survived until yet another Tuesday, and things have been overall going better (at least to the point where I think that I can hold out for another few months)

*I get to order my textbooks this week. And now I get to order Matt’s too! It’s like Christmas has come early 🙂

*You wanna know what’s really weird though? For once, Matt’s textbooks look more interesting to me than my own. So honey, if your Fit & Healthy textbook all of a sudden goes missing, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

*Listening to Harry Potter on audiobook is awesome. And I mean awesome. I all of a sudden have a million reasons why I need to go drive my car somewhere…

*I went on a 10-lbs-down, mini shopping spree last week (using lots of coupons, of course). I’m obsessed with all the new jewelry I got from Vanity (check out the earrings I posted on my Pinterest page), and there’s just nothing like a few new pieces (like the awesome coral cardigan I featured in my 10-lbs-down post) to make me feel all cute and girly and ready for school to start 🙂

*Even though I’m elated by my weight loss success, I’m starting to hit my first hurtle–the dreaded plateau. Granted, I haven’t been working out quite as much (okay, not nearly as much), but even with the simple calories in/calories out, I still should be losing steadily. But no. I’ve circled around the same pound marker for almost a week now. And I’m also starting to get to the point where I just want to eat a normal amount again–nothing like I ate before, but still, something more than 1200 calories a day. But hopefully I’ll be to where I want to be in about a month, then I can just work on maintaining. I’ve just gotta stick it out.

*I don’t know why I always start to write these right before lunch, because then all I can think about is food. Of course, that’s half of all I ever think about anyway, so…

*I WILL finish The Help in the next two days. I am determined. And I just can’t stand the suspense any longer.

*Okayit’slunchtime. Bye!