Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*Well folks, it’s here: the new semester, complete with new pens, new textbooks, and a not-so-new 5-subject notebook. School is a glorious thing.

*2 of the 3 classes that I actually have to show up for (my 4th class is online) are classes that are entirely about how to assess students (aka how to write tests). I bet you all wish you could come with me, dontcha??

*My supervisor at work bought a humongous bag of Tootsie candies. Bad idea. Tootsie Rolls are my one vice–the one sweet I can pretty much never say no to. Must. get. willpower…

*Speaking of work, can I just say how MARVELOUS it is to only work part time? I was bouncing all around at my job yesterday, I was so happy.

*I might as well be taking another two math classes–between tutoring Matt in his class every night and tutoring my friend’s husband in precalc twice a week, I am assured to never lose the math ability I gained from being a math major for two years. You all just wait—I WILL end up teaching math in high school, degree or not. Mwa ha ha!

*Matt said to me this morning after looking around at our kitchen, “I have a feeling we’re not going to have a clean house for much of the semester.” Sigh. I got spoiled during the summer with Matt being home so much during the day…

*Last night I made a scrumptious made-from-scratch layered banana pudding for family night. It was like banana cream pie, minus the crust. Be jealous people. Be jealous.

*I think that, despite my enthusiasm for the new semester, I am slightly insane: 12 credits, 32 hour regular work week, plus another job that kicks in four times a semester that will add about 15 hrs/week during the weeks when I have to do it. Oh, and I’m doing math tutoring every night. Anyone want to place any bets on when I’ll have a minor breakdown?

*Okay, I’d best get responsible and do some homework for my online class. It’s been fun catching up. Later!!

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