Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I’m still working on doing a post that shows some of the pics we took at our mini photo shoot with Matt’s mom. I particularly loved several by this door because it looks like our clothes were color-coordinated to match it. Pretty tricky, eh? I’m hoping to choose a good one and mail it out on a holiday card of some sort, but we’ll see if that happens. Do you send out holiday cards?

*As you’ll notice from these pictures, Matt participated in No-Shave November. Historically, I’ve been a bit anti-facial-hair, but after seeing how handsomely Matt pulls off his goatee, I’ve grown a little attached to it. So much so that I didn’t cringe in the slightest when he told me that he’s not going to shave it after all now that the month is over. Who woulda thunk?

*K, little side comment on the purposely bad grammar in that last sentence: ever since becoming a Language Arts teacher, I have noticed that there has been a dramatic increase in people saying things like, “Don’t judge me on my grammar, English teacher” or “I probably didn’t say that right, did I?” Let me settle something once and for all, people–I don’t really care if you don’t speak (or write) perfectly all the time  (esp. because heaven knows I don’t speak perfectly all the time). So for crying out loud, leave us English teachers alone already!

*P.S. You can stop asking me the definition of everything, too. It just makes me look bad when I don’t know the answer 🙂

*In the spirit of defending myself, let me just clarify a couple things about the whole me-not-knowing-my-nephew’s-name. You see, when everyone else was calling him Boh-dee, Matt and I just thought they were giving him a cutesy nickname. And my family, whenever Matt and I were calling him Bode, thought that WE were giving him a cutesy nickname. Plus we never actually heard anyone TELL us what the name was originally–we had only received it over text. So really, if you think about it, this is just one more sign that we all text entirely too much and that we really should pull an old-fashioned move and call each other on the phone more. Just sayin’.

*It’s officially beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here (anyone else hate that Christmas song? Maybe I’m just a Scrooge). In addition to finally getting our tree up, we’ve cleared off the t.v. top to house our nativities, and I even made room in my magazine display rack to show off some beautiful Christmas picture books that my aunt gave us. In fact, I was feeling so very festive after all that was done that I actually took the time to string Christmas lights all up and down our banister. Call it overkill, but I think it’s kind of cute.

*In the Grocery Bingo game last Saturday, Matt and I totally landed the Nutella. Now that’s just awesome. Especially since the last time I ate Nutella was down in El Salvador, and it cost me about $7/jar (no joke). So free Nutella? Simply delightful.

*Saturday morning, Matt and I played a little basketball with our friends Kayla and Sam. Let’s just say that it’s highly amusing to watch four competitive adults who have not played basketball in a LONG time all go at each other. I’m surprised no one lost any teeth. Although we might have all lost a little bit of our pride…

*I’m reading A Christmas Carol to my students, and every day, I’m sure that I’m going to lose my voice. I mean, YOU try reading aloud for hours and hours every day–it takes a toll on ya. But the kids are liking it, and I’m reminded again and again why it’s such a classic. If you haven’t given it a chance yet, try it out this year–it’s some of the best 120 pages you’ll ever read.

*So I’m looking for some good (inexpensive) gifts that I can give to the neighbors for Christmas. Any ideas?

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