Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I used to never wear yellow. And when I say never, I mean never. In fact, growing up, I remember my mom telling me that us Fedor girls just weren’t meant to wear yellow or orange in any of their forms. And I’ll be the first to admit, it’s not exactly my number-one best color. But one day, I decided, “Well, what the heck?” And I bought a yellow shirt at Old Navy. The rest, as they say, is history. I now own no fewer than FOUR yellow shirts. This is life-changing stuff in the making, people.

*Since student teaching ended last week, I have been enjoying the delicious freedom of getting to wear whatever I want. Yesterday I was so tickled at the idea that I didn’t even change out of pajamas.

*Speaking of student teaching, I still haven’t gone over all the essays that I had my students hand in on my last day. I have tried really hard to get through them all–really, I have–but somehow the dishes and the laundry and Angry Birds always seem to just be so much more pressing…

*To redeem myself, I did go over ten essays before starting this blog post. Just saying.

*I went running for the first time since the marathon yesterday, and surprise, surprise! I was apparently a lot more sore than I felt. I actually don’t feel sore at all when I walk around, but apparently running uses different muscles than walking does…ones that I don’t feel unless I’m moving faster than my typical swan-like pace. Who knew?

*It was still awesome, though. It really was.

*Oh, and I’m also enjoying the fact that my metabolism is still somehow miraculously in full gear and allowing me to eat whatever I want and still maintain my marathon weight. Love that.

*I graduate on Saturday. That’s cool, I guess.

*It would be even cooler if I had a teaching job lined up. But I guess I can settle with a diploma…

*I got up this morning and wrote three pages in my journal first thing. Now that’s how each day should start. (The chocolate chip cookies and milk for breakfast didn’t hurt).

*I still haven’t gotten my package from Old Navy that I ordered over a month ago. The people at Old Navy say that they’ve reshipped the box and it’s on its way, but I just don’t know who I can trust anymore…

*This morning, while Matt was getting his “man movie fix” (X-Men First Class, in this case) to de-stress from last night’s horrendous math final, I sauntered on upstairs to our little library (which really isn’t so little anymore) and pulled out my journal from when I was 15. You know what I was a little horrified to discover? That I sounded EXACTLY like my drama-riddled 7th graders do in their essays (and in real life): exclamation points every other sentence and everything. Eww.

*I DID, however, discover a few interesting things about myself: apparently I was really good at trying to convince myself that I felt things other than what I did, even though reading back, it’s clearly obvious that I felt a completely different way about the whole matter. Case in point: I denied (even in my journal) for MONTHS that I had a crush on the guy that later ended up being my first boyfriend. I mean, who was I kidding? Obviously not my 25-year-old self. Another thing I learned was that I had a LOT of money to blow when I was 15. I mean, I think my friends and I singlehandedly kept Arctic Circle in business for years…

*You want a real gem from my 15-year-old self that shows just how classy I was? Here goes: “It was also really cool because for once I was the center of attention of all the boys, not someone else.” Bless my teenage heart. Guess I’ve always been a little bit of a narcissist…why else would I make you read about my life every Tuesday?

Please tell me your 15-year-old diary self was as silly as mine…pretty please?

*And here’s an extra-large picture of me modeling these awesome shorts that I got for FREE from my amazing (and stylish) neighbor Karianne. Sweet, eh?

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