Weekend Before Finals

Today we have been studying for Matt’s math final for over six hours. And by we, I mean that Matt was cramming his little brain out, and I was right next to him for half of it so that I wouldn’t have to keep getting up only to come back the next second to answer a question.

I am posting pictures of last weekend to remind myself of a time when I wasn’t about to drown my brain in Moose Tracks ice cream on account of a math class that I’m not even taking.

Last weekend, our friends Kayla and Sam came up for Kayla’s and my closing seminar thing for student teaching. Even though we basically just sat around and ate a lot and watched Big Bang Theory for hours and hours on end, we still had a pretty fun time.

Side note: I think those are the best kind of friends–the friends that you’re so comfortable with that you don’t even have to feel guilty that you’re not doing something spectacular. You all can just be. (Not that I would have minded doing something more spectacular, but we were all a little exhausted from the dreaded end-of-semester syndrome).

I also had a bit of fun helping Kayla and Sam in their wedding preparations for their Big Day in June–and boy, lemme tell you: it’s WAY better planning a wedding when it’s not your own. Not that I’m actually helping to plan it, really–but it sure made me glad that I only had to plan one wedding for myself, and that’s it. Forever.

Thank goodness.

Anyway, here’s to Matt passing his math final tonight, eh? I’m sure ready for some celebrating around here already…

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