Just What the Doctor [Would Have] Ordered

My recipe for feeling better quick:

Fresh (homemade!) Italian bread right out of the oven,

My first-ever experimental stew (that tasted a lot better than it looks–swear!),
And, of course, a DP.
You know, I firmly believe that if you listen closely enough, your body will tell you exactly what it needs. Some days I’ve even had it crave foods that I don’t even LIKE (ahem, salmon!), which I’m convinced is due to the fact that it knows which foods have which nutrients.
Guess what it needed this weekend?
*A cancellation of plans on Friday night so I could stay home, get my feet rubbed, do a little light reading, and take a short pre-bed nap,
*A spontaneous (but low-key) family reunion on Saturday (more on this on Wednesday),
*A whole lotta not-cleaning the house,
*And a generous smattering of cuddles, episodes of Downton Abbey, and blanket-hogging.
I feel about a million times better.
Thanks for being so smart, Body!

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