Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I read the FUNNIEST story by a student today in my creative writing class–I literally cried when I was re-relating it to Matt tonight when I came home. She was recounting her earliest childhood memory, which involved her wanting to play with her brother’s Lincoln Logs. Her brother told her she couldn’t play with them, but she kept bugging him until he gave in. As he threw the Lincoln Logs at her feet, he said, “Just wait–I’ll give you your payback later.” Suddenly, before she knew what was happening, he had yanked the Lincoln Log container (a narrow cardboard cylinder) over her head and shoulders. Terrified because she couldn’t see, she tried to run to her mom’s room, only to hit wall after wall after wall. When she finally reached the other room, all her mother did was laugh and take pictures before she spent half an hour yanking the thing off her head.

*Oh man, I just wanted to die I was laughing so hard…

*The picture above was taken at the world’s least kid-safe park in the world, which I’ll be doing a post on tomorrow. (That’s not its name of course, but it might as well be.)

*Last week, we had our Back to School Assembly, where they had a “new teacher initiation” competition. Basically what it consisted of was each new teacher being given a rolled-up shirt that had been entirely frozen, and we had to find a way to unroll it and put it on a student volunteer as fast as we could. So in front of hundreds of screaming students, I was frantically whacking the frozen shirt over and over again onto the gym floor before I hurled the thing apart and jammed it over the head of a semi-unwilling 6th grader (who had forgotten that he volunteered to have a cold shirt shoved over his head). The worst part? I barely lost to one of the sixth-grade teachers. Boo. The second worst part? I broke off two nails. Double boo. But I did get a free school shirt and a jumbo Symphony bar, so…all is well.

*I haven’t bought new clothes for MONTHS, people–MONTHS. And I’m kind of dying inside because I’m so stinking sick of my closet. Sooo…Matthew and I just might be taking advantage a wee bit of a great Kohl’s sale going on right now. I probably shouldn’t, but…it’s almost my birthday….so that means I can, right?

*Speaking of birthdays, Matt’s is on Monday. Every time I try and ask him what kind of dinner he wants or what kind of cake I should make, he just says, “Whatever you want. I don’t care.” Grrrr. I wish that on just one day per year, he could make up his mind.

*Maybe that’s what I’ll ask for on my birthday…

*Please tell me your significant other does the same?

*Other than all that, life’s been pretty standard here at the Meidell house–me talking incessantly about school, Matt incessantly studying his brains out, and both of us watching way too many reruns of Big Bang Theory (in preparation for the day when we can get the new season).

*Any excitement going on in your life so I can live vicariously through you?

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