Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

Since last week’s Tell-All worked so well to clear my head of all the random junk that just floats across it, I decided to just continue the tradition. I know, you’re all so excited to hear the randomness that is my thought process. So here I go:

*Matt and I are re-addicted to The Biggest Loser again, since discovering that we can try Hulu Plus for one month for free. It’s a good reminder to myself that I’m not the only one who struggles with overcoming the bad habits that have been years in the making.

*Speaking of weight loss, I’ve lost 3 pounds since starting my new “get healthy” plan. It will eventually be posted as a Change It Up Challenge, once I’ve lost 10 pounds or hit 5 weeks, whichever comes first. Although there are some days when I feel like I can’t do it anymore (*cough* yesterday), overall I feel really happy doing it, because I feel like I’m in control for once of my cravings and my bad habits. Also, even though I’m now just at the weight I got married at, I feel like I’m a lot more toned. I’m excited to see where I stand in a month!

*I’m listening to my “Tito el Bambino” Latin music station at work, and my coworker (The Accountant) is humming along. Or trying to. Actually, I can’t tell if he’s trying to hum along with my song (which I’m sure he’s never heard before), or if he’s trying to drown out my song with his humming. Whichever it is, it’s funny.

*Barnes & Noble was having a 50% off sale yesterday on all their bestsellers. I ordered 4 new books (got free shipping!), and I just CANNOT WAIT. It doesn’t matter how many times I get new books during the year—each time feels like the first time riding a roller coaster. Books just excite me way too much.

*I’ve taken to only filling my water bottle with a couple inches of water every time I go the drinking fountain. My reasons for this are two-fold: one, it makes it look like I actually have something to do when I have to go fill it every 15 minutes, and two, it makes me not go crazy from sitting all day long. I’m so crafty.

*Remember last week, how I said I wished I’d snuck in my Oprah magazine to work? Well, I came up with a better solution. You see, as I also mentioned in last week’s Tell-All, I’m a bit of a magazine freak. The only problem is, I never seem to have time to actually read all of them (especially the ones I subscribed to to make myself more “cultured,” like Time or The Atlantic). So I’ve taken to smuggling the magazines I never find the time to get around to into work to read when I have nothing else to do (which is pretty much 95% of the time), and I’ve actually learned some pretty interesting stuff. If you want to read an article that will blow your mind when it comes to a popular theory behind parenting, read this article titled on the cover of that issue as, “How the Cult of Self-Esteem is Ruining Our Kids.” Seriously, I’m still thinking about this article a week later.

*Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” just showed up on my Latin station. Bwa ha ha!!! (does anyone else see the humor in this?)

*Sometimes I find myself weirdly relating to Andy Saks on The Devil Wears Prada, even though our jobs are nothing alike. Is that weird?

*Wanna know the most disappointing thing ever? This last Sunday, I got all cute in my brand-new skirt and top and was just feeling prettier than I had in a long time. Then, as I sat down to eat my cereal, I realized that the girl who had sold me the skirt had left the stupid “remove & dye” tag. Words do not describe my disappointment at that moment. Of course, I did count my blessings that I had noticed at the moment I did, instead of finding out while sitting in church 🙂

*Pretty please everyone squinch up their eyes and cross their fingers and wish really hard that Matt doesn’t have to work this Saturday so we can go home this weekend for the holiday. Pretty please?

*Okay, time to go fill the water bottle again…

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