In Which I Dance Alone and Not Alone

So some journalism students at my school put out a newspaper each month to the whole student body, and somehow or other, I seem to end up in every issue. Maybe it’s because the social dance class I teach twice a week is a hot debate (is it awesome? is it lame? is it mortifying?), or maybe it’s because my “new teacher” status still hasn’t worn off yet and so the kids still find me semi-interesting.

Whatever it is, I’ve recently stumbled across a bunch of pictures on the school’s student drive (most of which were never published, thankfully) of me doing some pretty odd things.

Like in that picture above, where I am CLEARLY dancing with myself in my effort to show the students the dance moves in my country swing class.

Another notorious act that has landed me in the school’s end-of-year slide show is the fact that I brought my husband to school back in December to teach all the kids how to dance before they all had their first “real” dance together.


I’m thinking all the girls must have thought Matt was pretty cute because we sure ended up in a LOT of pictures that day…

Oh, and we met Santa.



Now, just to make it perfectly clear–all this reminiscing through all these photos on the hard drive and on various memories that have happened throughout the school year has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that I’m procrastinating a stack of grading that’s about waist-high.

That’s not what I’m doing at all…

It’s still pretty crazy to think that I’m less than two weeks away from the end of my first year of teaching. I’m trying to brainstorm ideas for a post that will wrap everything I’ve learned into a neat little package that I can share with you all, but we’ll see if that happens.

Right now I’m just eyeing stacks and stacks of assignments and praying that the end will come quickly…


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