Honeymoon Pics

Seeing as though we still have no jobs and seeing as though I can’t look at cleaning supplies or moving boxes for another second, I’m going to post some more pics of the honeymoon.
Can I just first say that our honeymoon was amazing? After a very long engagement and an even more stressful semester, it was great to just get away from it all.
We spent our first night at The Blue Boar in Midway, an adorable B&B that came highly recommended to us by my family. Although a little pricey, the cost of staying includes a 5-course brunch the next morning (so rich and delicious I wanted to die of tastebud satisfaction), cheese, crackers, and grapes awaiting you in your room as you check in, and lots of yummy little touches like the Congrats! balloons (below), bubble bath, a huge tub with turbo jets, fancy-schmancy water…and did I mention cheese? Mmm…
Here we are in front of the Blue Boar, excited to have the stress of the wedding over with

The Congrats! balloons in our room (we stayed in the Rudyard Kipling room)

The next day (Sunday), we took the drive down to St. George, enjoying the stretching green pastures, the sailboats on the lakes, and the fields and fields of cows. Who doesn’t love a good cow now and then? We arrived in the late afternoon at one of my favorite places on earth–my mom’s bosses’ condo in St. George. This place is amazing–not only do we get full guest access to the hot tub, swimming pool, gym, and tennis courts, but the condo is lavishly decorated with plush couches, the biggest beds I’ve ever slept in, and a balcony that overlooks the red cliffs of Southern Utah (check out the cool pics Matt took of the rainbow we saw from our balcony in a later “Photo Walk” post).

The rest of the week was spent using the condo as our “home base” and day trips being taken out from there. We saw two movies, went on two significant day trips requiring drives longer than an hour), bought 5 DVDs, and went to the hot tub nearly every night. Oh, and we witnessed a pretty insane windstorm that almost swept me right off the balcony.

Early on in the week we went to Las Vegas, where we went and did sealings at the temple and then went and caught The Phantom of the Opera show at The Venetian on the strip. Funny story—when we told the people in the sealing room that we were on our honeymoon and had just been married 3 days, they all looked shocked that we were there. I mean, isn’t that what people normally do on their honeymoon—go back to the place that made it all possible? 😉

Here we are in the main lobby of The Venetian, right before we went to our 3-course meal that was included with our tickets to the show. Can I say that I’ll probably never eat as good ever again as I did on this honeymoon?

Here was the one picture we sneaked in the Phantom theater before we got told very sternly that there were no photos allowed in the theater (except, of course, if you wanted to pay a couple 20s for one of their “professional” photographers to take your picture). The show was incredible, by the way. It was my second time seeing it actually, and Matt’s first. Gotta love a good musical with stellar special effects.

Later in the week, we went to Zion’s National Park, where I’d never been before. I won’t say too much about it here, because I plan to talk more about our hike to Angel’s Landing in a later Change It Up post, but our day in Zion’s was one of my favorites of the whole trip.

That all said and done, the majority of our time was spent lounging around in our condo in St. George, going to the hot tub, watching movies, playing tennis, and, of course:

Me writing in my journal. Sadly, after filling about 7 pages, I was still only at the wedding luncheon and decided to just finish it later. That “later” still has magically not come. Go figure.

Happy Luna de Miel to us! It was so much fun, I could go on one every other month…if we had jobs…sigh.

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