Solo Date

Sometimes when Matt is in an Angry Birds kind of mood and I’m in a let’s-go-outside kind of mood, I’ll take a little drive to get myself out of the house.

More often than not, that drive takes me to the grocery store.

This time, it (also) took me to a hidden little park that I’ve never noticed before, right across the highway from our favorite photo stop.

And sometimes on my solo dates, I like to do a little swinging action–just like the good ol’ elementary days (complete with dramatic jump-off when I’m tired).

 And sometimes, my solo dates surprise even me just a little:

Like today, when I found this secret little waterfall.

If it wasn’t surrounded by bees, I probably would have just cozied up on a rock and stayed there all afternoon.

Lucky for Matt (who by the time I got home was tired of Angry Birds), I didn’t stay too long.

And now I’m off to go teach Matt a little Hand & Foot with the Rook cards I conveniently bought on the first half of my solo date.

Happy Saturday!

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