Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday, during one of the rare lunch breaks I actually take in the faculty room near other humans, we were griping about how little time we have to get in our grades for this first trimester, and I said something like the following:

“I kind of just want to take a sick day so I can spend all day grading; otherwise I’ll be here at the school til like 11 PM on Friday night trying to finish up.”

Now, I’m not too superstitious (just a little stitious), but I’m thinking I should never have said that because last night, I was stumbling to the bathroom every hour due to what seems to be an odd case of food poisoning (possibly from some Olive Garden leftovers?).

At 3:00 this morning, you would have found me here at this computer, groggily typing up a lesson plan so that my panicked brain would stop thinking over and over again about what on earth my Spanish class was going to do for the day with a sub.

Unfortunately, as anyone who’s ever had a 24-hour-bug knows, it doesn’t exactly leave you much energy for grading papers (or doing anything else productive, for that matter). In fact, I’ve spent the majority of the day flat on my back since that seems the least offensive body position, and even now, as I’m seated at our computer desk, I’m starting to get queasy once again.

(I also am in that awkward state where I’m totally starving but am terrified to eat anything. Stomach bugs are the WORST.)

Oh, I just heard something—

The sound of a free and lazy weekend being yanked out from under me with an evil cackle (that oddly seems to have just come from my stomach).

Anyone got any suggestions of what I can eat/drink and not upset my stomach?

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