50 Weeks to Organized: Extension


Well, I knew it would happen eventually—a week when I would need an extension on the organization project. This week, between starting end-of-level testing with my students and heading up a major activity for the youth in my ward tomorrow, I have not had time to think about washing my hair, much less organizing my home.

So, be expecting my organization post somewhere around Friday-Saturday.

In the meantime, here’s a slightly funny story that happened in creative writing class yesterday:

I was teaching the kids the importance of using a solid image when they’re writing poems, and I was showing them how to approach rewriting a line so that it’s attached to an image. The original line was, “Mom doesn’t like me talking to Toby” (don’t judge–I purposely started bad so I could impress them later on after about eight revisions with my mad poetry skills).

I was mostly finished changing the line to, “Toby stabs through me with his piercing blue eyes” (also terrible, I know–I’ve gotta leave myself room for about 6 more revisions), when a boy in the back yells out:

“Whoa! Getting a little physical, are we?!”

I couldn’t help it–I bust up laughing. Clearly this kid had a totally different idea of “getting a little physical” than I did.

Luckily we could all laugh it off before anyone started asking any awkward questions.

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


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