Youth Cookoff

There’s no denying it–being the president of the young women’s organization definitely keeps me on my toes. Sometimes I feel like I’m making a mistake or forgetting something about every other week. But then, on nights like tonight, I know that I have the best calling there is.

For a few months now, we’ve been heading up a cookoff between the young women and young men. (Note to future self: this is a brilliant, brilliant idea!)

On the menu?

Manicotti (us) Vs. Chicken Cordon-Blue (young men),

Cheese-Filled Rolls (us) Vs. Bacon-Stuffed Peppers (young men), and

Strawberry Gelato (us) Vs. Fudgy Brownies (young men).

It was a close call, with scrumptiousness abundant on both sides.

In the end, we all won really, considering that we all got a free meal out of it.

Yes, that would in fact be my 26-year-old husband with his mouth open, full of food. We’re classy people, folks.

But if you want to know the real results of the cookoff…it was pretty much a tie.

We won on the entree, the young men won on the side dish, and we were technically tied on the dessert since our 3rd judge left before then.

Too bad for him!

At the end of the evening, one thing was for certain: happiness is strawberry gelato and good people, friends—you can tell everybody that I’ve officially figured out the secret to eternal bliss.

So now that this is over, do you have any good ideas for our next activity?


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