Beating Back the Daily Grind

 Well folks, here we are–back at work and school on a Monday morning.

I keep searching my brain, trying to figure out a way to NOT make that such a depressing fact every Monday.

It’s a difficult task.

But, like I was telling my students in my classes today–ANYTHING can be made better or more interesting if you just take the time to think about it in a different way. (I made my classes brainstorm all the ways that they could make topics like “walls” or “pencils” interesting. It was a riot, and they were definitely able to come up with some pretty fascinating angles to approach those topics from.)

On my way to the school today, I was thinking about how wonderful my weekends typically are (including this last weekend)–how even though they usually just consist of things like reading, baking treats or trying out new recipes, playing games with friends, or going outside for a couple minutes to enjoy the icicles, they still have an infinitely different feeling than any weekday. I’m noticeably less stressed, I smile more, and I just feel excited about the day ahead of me.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I know that there’s nothing I “have to” do that day (like to go to work).

Maybe it’s the fact that I get more sleep.

But whichever way I look at it, the fact is this: I’d sure like to feel those things a lot more during my work week, rather than just feel like I’m working for the weekend all the time.

So maybe, just maybe–I could start bringing a little bit of the “weekend” into my weekdays.

Maybe, instead of holing up for the rest of the night when I get home from work, I could take a five-minute walk outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Maybe, instead of cramming my two-chapters-a-day goal into the very end of my evening right when I’m getting ready for bed, I could just kick up my feet after work and read a good “pleasure” read instead of watching another t.v. episode.

Maybe, instead of eating in front of the t.v. (like we tend to do more on weekdays than on weekends), I could actually sit down at the table and enjoy my meal without distractions.

Maybe, instead of saving all the “best” recipes for the weekends (like this to-die-for molten lava cake recipe I just found), I can make them during the week.

Maybe, instead of worrying constantly about my to-do list and snarfing down any food I actually do make, I could take 30 minutes to kick up my feet and eat said-treat while talking to my husband.

Maybe, instead of feeling like I “should” stay in the clothes I wore to work all day, I can take a note from Matt and dress down once I get home (even if it does look comical when I go outside).

So what do you say? Let’s go ahead and try to bring a little bit more of a “weekend” feel to our weekdays.

What are some more ways you can think of to bring a little more weekend into your work week?

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