Gettin’ Ready to Blow this Popcicle Stand

In addition to trying to get better from this little sickness that decided to creep up on me, I spent my weekend getting ready to get out of here.

How does one go about getting ready for such a thing as a faux spring break away (well, faux for me–not for Matt)?

Well, I’ll enlighten you.

First, I painted my toes. They’ve been colorless and drab for the majority of these colorless and drab months, but in honor of the vacay, I decided to spruce them up a bit.

Second, I whipped up a big batch of the most delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies known to man. Of course, we’ve already eaten more than half, but we’re going to freeze the rest and take them with us. (You know–for nourishment on the long drive.)

Third, I splurged on some good reads. Now, most people would pick up some chick lit or a mystery/thriller as their must-read on the beach (and by beach, I mean any generic vacation). Of course, I’ve never been normal, so I picked up things that will feed my current obsession with learning everything I can about the latest research on “eating clean.”

We leave tomorrow.

I can’t wait.

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