I woke up this morning sick. Go figure that I go an entire very stressful second trimester without getting so much as a headache, and then the week before our vacation I come down with a sore throat, slight fever (I think), runny nose…the works.

But here’s the good news:
*One of my students brought me in a Diet Dr. Pepper and a huge Symphony bar this morning because she was so grateful that I’d written such a nice email to her mom praising how much she’s progressed this year.
*In my Mucinex-intoxicated state, it made me want to email every student’s parent to see what would happen, ha ha.
*My sister-in-law brought me lunch from Pizza Plus today on my lunch break, and it was positively scrumptious. Thanks, Katie!
*After trying one of these mini sweet peppers for the first time a few weeks ago (because Matt’s grandma forced us all to try one), I have been on the hunt to buy some ever since. And this week (the first week they’ve shown up in a local store), a two-pound bag was on sale for just $3.99. Score. (I’ve already eaten three. The red ones are my favorite!)
*To console myself in my sick state, I bought four movies from the local movie store. And Man From Snowy River is one of them.
*It’s the weekend. Need I say more?

What are the good/bad things happening in your life this weekend?