Weekend with the Roses

We had the pleasure of spending our weekend with these lovely people: The Roses (Petrice and Caleb). I was grateful for the excuse to have a “real” date night, by which I mean that it was pre-planned and involved something other than grabbing hamburgers and watching movies here all night at the apartment (not that I don’t love those date nights, too–but change is always great, too!)

We spent our evening gorging ourselves at The Olive Garden, then trying to work off all the calories at The Rock Haus (indoor rock climbing venue here in Logan).

Saturday, Petrice and I left our men at home for a much-needed girls’ night out. Petrice had been invited to a Mary Kay party, and I so graciously agreed to tag along (actually, I pretty much just invited myself cuz I wanted a free facial).

Let’s just say that my skin is going to be much more hydrated than normal for the next six months or so :). Thank you to everyone who bought precast concrete products from my job for the last month: it allowed me the best early Christmas present I think I’ve ever bought myself.

And there you go: our “after” shots. I don’t normally go for brown shades on me, but it was fun playing dress-up for a little while (okay, for like four hours. Matt was freaking out back home).

All in all, a pretty great weekend. Thank you so much, Petrice and Caleb!

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