Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday: Kids

1. how it all began: how you met, first date, first kiss, how long did you date? first picture together…..etc.
2. when you knew he was the one: self explanatory.. but how and when did you know?
3. proposal: how it happened, how long were you engaged for? was it a total surprise? pictures of that… etc.
4. the ring: tell us about it! did you pick it out? did he? pictures! tell us about his ring too!
5. engagement/bridal pictures: let’s see em!
6. the colors: show some of the flower and colors you used
7. the dress: was it what you always imagined? did you have it made for you? white or ivory?
8. the little accessories: you know, veil? shoes? jewelry?
9. the reception: where was it at? show us some pictures! what day did you get married?
10. the cake/food: i love food. so tell me about what you had at your wedding!
11. your song and/or the first song you danced to at your wedding: share a music video or lyrics if you can!
12. favorite part of the day and least favorite part of the day: can be anything.
13. honeymoon: where did you go? was it good? 😉 haha…jk.
14. thoughts on marriage: what is the easiest/hardest part? if you could change anything, what would it be?
15. first place that you lived together: pics if you have them!
16. kids: do you have any yet? if not, when do you plan on it? how many do you want? any tips on good/bad birth control?
17. most recent picture of you and your significant other and what you love most about them 🙂 and any other thoughts

Yes, we have kids–these are ALL ours.

Our nieces and nephews, that is.

I’m so funny.

Anyway, Matt and I do not have any kids yet (we’ve only been married 6 months, people!). Both of us look forward to the day when we’ll be parents, but we know that that day is not yet. I’m sorry to shatter anyone’s hopes and dreams, but we probably won’t be having kids until Matt graduates with his bachelor’s degree (almost two years down the road). So none of that “Aren’t you pregnant yet?” kinda stuff, okay? Okay.

One of the things that I’ve always loved about Matt though is how very comfortable he is around kids, and how good he is with them. I know many a man who resists holding other people’s babies, but Matt is not one of those men. I have the utmost confidence that Matt will be an ideal father, and I only hope that my own parenting skills will someday catch up to his. It will be greatly rewarding for me to see him grow in that role of father someday and I think it will be, well, interesting to see myself grow into the role of mother. We don’t know exactly how many kids we want yet, but we’ve talked about having 4 or 5. (I guess we’ll see how much we like the first one).

But, until that day comes, I will be using my tried-and-true (for 6 months anyway, ha ha) birth control: the Marina (an IUD). A lot of people (me included, at the beginning) think that you can’t put in an IUD before having kids (and especially not before getting married), but you can. My doctor did an amazing job to make it go as smoothly as possible, and even though it was still painful, I really love it now; I have seen very minimal side effects and love that I don’t have to trust myself to take a pill every day (which I absolutely know I would fail at—case in point: the fact that I still forget to take my multivitamins every day even though Matt faithfully packs them into my lunch every morning). I know other people have had some negative experiences with having IUDs put in, but I couldn’t be happier about my choice. The greatest part is that you can keep it in for five years, but you can have it taken out whenever you want. And besides abstinence, it’s the most effective birth control there is right now. I think that’s pretty cool.

Anywho, that’s about all I have to say on that. Any questions?

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