Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*I am still on a sugar high from Halloween yesterday. I think I ate about seven of Petrice’s homemade donuts and then slurped down two full glasses of homemade root beer and then put down almost half of a root beer freeze at A & W. It’s a good thing this Halloween business only comes around once a year.

*I am excited to be posting last month’s Change It Up Challenge soon (hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday). Even though I didn’t incorporate exercise into every single day, I feel like I’ve developed more healthy strategies for fitting physical fitness into my lifestyle. And I’m keeping those ten pounds off! I think that over the holidays, when I’ve finally quit my job to prepare for student teaching, that I’ll be able to drop my final five pounds. I’m really excited to have some more time to myself again.

*This is the week of teaching for me, it seems–not only am I teaching a mini-lesson in one of my classes tomorrow, but I am actually going to teach TWO full-length AP Psych classes at Logan High on Thursday. I’m glad to get the practice (I’ve been practically begging the teacher all semester to let me do it), but I’m starting to get the little flutters of nervousness that something is going to go horribly, irreversibly wrong…

*I was going to continue writing about some more of the trivialities of my life, but I just got the news that one of the men from a family that I grew very fond of on my mission was just killed today. I am so grateful to know that death is not the end and for the sweet comfort that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings me in such times. This news is just one more reminder to me to never take the ones I love for granted and to live my life the best that I can each and every day.

*Sorry to end on a sad note–hope all of you have a good (and safe) Tuesday.

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