Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Good news, friends: I found the David Archuleta c.d. last night while rooting through that messy closet again. And guess what else I found? A little gem of a book (made by the American Girl company, who else?) that I had filled out in 4th grade. Check out my life aspiration (above). Pretty good, eh? Eh?

*Matt and I just got back from Texas Roadhouse, where we were celebrating him finishing up his stats final, which has been stressing him out for weeks. Hurrah for the end of the semester (almost)!

*Matt also had a job interview today for a little part-time gig at the university, and I’m really, REALLY hoping he gets it. Keep your fingers crossed for us and think positive job-offerish thoughts, k?

*I went and saw The Forgotten Carols last Friday by myself and had another “duh” moment (I’ve been having a lot of those lately). Apparently The Forgotten Carols is a musical–for some crazy reason, I was thinking that all the songs would just be performed by one singer as a solo vocal concert, or maybe by a whole choir. I’ve been familiar with a lot of the songs for years, but I just never had known about the storyline. It just goes to show that life is determined to show me that you’re never too old to feel like an idiot.

*So it’s been a week of crazy happenings in my classroom: yesterday, there was a big commotion in my 3rd hour when a kid sat down on his chair and it broke and another big commotion in my 5th hour when a boy somehow toppled right over his desk and chair and landed face first on the floor. Then today, a girl comes up to me with her face and arms all covered in blood and asks if she can go to the bathroom due to a heavy nosebleed. What next? A rowdy dog running into my room? A projector falling from the ceiling? A surprise visit from Mr. Archuleta himself?

*Today I was having a conversation with a coworker about how I wish I could have registered for all our wedding stuff AFTER being married for a year or two. I mean, I didn’t really actually KNOW what I wanted, and I didn’t have any sense of what kind of style I liked for a home. And now that I actually do have a pretty good idea of what I like, I’m way too poor to buy it. Ah, the irony.

*Here’s another little gem from my ten-year-old self about all that was trendy way back when. I mean, Airwalks? I had to remind myself of what those were and look them up just now. Guess I’m just behind on my old school factoids.

*So I found this new blog I’m totally obsessed with called French Country Cottage. It’s part of the reason why I’m having all these wishful thoughts about the kinds of home things I would ask for now. You should check it out.

*Apparently, when you have enough pictures on your blog, Picasa Web Albums tells you that you have to either delete some of your blog’s pictures or pay a monthly fee. So now I have to pay $2.49 a month because I’m not willing to tamper with my blog. Can I get a resounding “LAAAAAME” from the crowd?

*I already know pretty much what my New Year’s Resolutions are. And what’s totally silly is that I basically am forcing myself to wait until January to start them. My reasoning? I’ll be much more likely to stick to them once the craziness of the holiday season is past. But know this: I’m really excited to blog about some of them. Hopefully some of you will want to join me along the way so that we can progress together. Do you already know what some of your goals are going to be?

*My 7th graders have their very first dance coming up, and I think they’re kinda freaking out. So, in my efforts to be the coolest teacher ever, I’m officially taking class time the day of the dance to assure that all of my students know a couple kick-butt dance moves. This should be interesting.

*At the school, there’s this awesome tradition called “The 10 Days of Christmas,” where different faculty members sign up on different days to bring in treats/snacks to the faculty lounge. We’re only on Day 2, and I’m already in heaven: fudge, barbecued meatballs, cheese fondue . . . yes, please! Does your work have any cool Christmas traditions?

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