Recall of Worst Housewife of the Year Award?


a couple weekends back, I ran across this book on organizing during one of my escape trips to Barnes & Noble (you’d be surprised at how often those trips seem to happen).

I felt so inspired that I ended up ordering the book from Amazon a few days later and, in my frenzy of excitement over the matter, decided to try and get a headstart on the whole Get-Organized ordeal.

Actually, what really started the whole business was the fact that I wanted to find the David Archuleta Christmas c.d. that Matt gave me two years ago, so I could stop being a Scrooge and get into the holiday music spirit already. So Saturday afternoon found me tip-toeing through the wrapping paper and food storage littering the floor in our spare bedroom until I came face to face with The Beast (aka, our closet).

Sadly, the picture above is the AFTER picture.

True story.

What I’m really trying to say is that I spent almost four hours this weekend going through zillions of boxes of who-knows-what, and I still didn’t find my c.d.

But I DID find a one-dollar bill.

So I guess it was all worth it in the end, if you think about it.

Please tell me you have a spare room in your house that’s as bad as ours.

Or worse.

That would for sure make me feel better about life 🙂

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