Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Well, we’re about a month or two later than everyone else, but spring has finally come to Logan, Utah! Luckily for me, my allergies this season haven’t been too horrendous (although I’ve had a wicked sore throat all week—can allergies cause that?)

*Matt and I took these pictures in front of the Logan Temple on Saturday when we attempted to go do some temple work. Unfortunately for me, about ten minutes in I got lightheaded and nauseated, and we had to call it quits. That’s the first time that’s ever happened, and I hope it’s the last.

*NO, I am not pregnant. (Does this happen to anyone else? If I’m at all sick to my stomach, people automatically assume I’m pregnant. No, No, and NO.)

*Remember how I mentioned almost three months ago how I was badly in need of a haircut? Well, the split ends must be trying to enter a fried-hair contest because they’ve gotten BAD. Looks like I’ll be forced into getting a haircut sometime this week. Sigh. I hate spending money on  haircuts (esp. since it’s rare for me to like a haircut until about two weeks after). I think I’m going to try something different with my hair this time that I’ve never done before—nothing TOO extreme, but hopefully it will provide a welcome change. I just pray I can find a good hairstylist here in Logan since my go-to stylist moved and then, on top of that, broke her arm. Anyone know of any reliable salons in Logan?

*We finished up end-of-level testing on Friday. Whew! Such a relief to have that big elephant out of the room.

*When I asked all of my students how it went, all of them in unison rang out, “EASY!”

*(I guess that’s a good sign that they all probably did okay on it. Or that they’re just overconfident and/or don’t care. One of the two.)

*The last day of school is officially a month from today. I’m a little spazzy about it, actually—mostly just because I’m really, really looking forward to getting a paycheck every month in the summar even though I’m not really working. Ha ha.

*Just kidding. That’s not the only reason.

*I find it funny (but not really) that every time I set a firm resolve to finally get back into a regular exercise habit, I get sick. Really, body? Really?!

*Yesterday, I was relating to Matt the story of a certain student who had been getting on my nerves a bit as of late. After finishing my gripe, Matt started saying, “When I hear about kids like that…,” and then I jumped in with, “You feel bad for them? I know. I need to be more patient and loving because those are probably the kids that need it the most.” Matt just started laughing and said, “No, I was about to say that when I hear about kids like that, I think that it’s too bad you can’t use a dose of good old-fashioned punishment on them, like a good smack across the wrist or something.”

*We’ve been married almost two years, but it looks like we still need to work on the whole finishing-each-other’s-sentences business.

*Speaking of being married almost two years, our anniversary is a week from today. Everyone else keeps saying that they can’t believe it’s already been two years and everything, but I say that it feels like we’ve been married forever.

*(Note: That’s not a bad thing.)


*I’m on hall duty this week again, and this week, I get the prestigious privilege of getting the most difficult route: the entire outdoor playing field (where they can actually go now during lunch since it’s warmed up and all). I have firmly decided that kids make much more stupid decisions outside than inside—maybe it’s because there’s less supervision, maybe it’s just the wide expanse of open air, but I had students yesterday getting in trouble (by me) for doing everything from wielding large branches as weapons to trying to lasso fellow students with a rope to chasing each other at breakneck speeds around tight corners.

*It’s going to be a long, looooooooong week.

*The seeds that we planted in our garden have started exploding all over the place–a week or so ago, you could see maybe four or five early sprouters coming up. Now there are hundreds of little green shoots coming up all over the place, and I can practically taste the radishes and snap peas in my mouth already. Growing our own food = Awesome.

*We’re taking a field trip to Bridgerland (the trade school in Logan) tomorrow. A part of me thinks, “Why am I seriously going to drive all the way out to Tremonton, only to be returned within the hour to Logan?” It kind of makes me want to conveniently forget to come in and just meet up with everyone at the trade school.

*Don’t worry, I won’t actually do it—those kids have got to have some semblance of a supervising adult on board with them, right?

*Matt finishes with all his finals for the semester on Thursday. While I’m ecstatic for him, I believe there aren’t many things worse than having your spouse start summer vacation almost a month before you do.

*Know what I mean?



*Anyway, have a happy Tuesday, you wonderful person, you!



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