Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Between me leaving my camera at home and our laptop not working until just now, I didn’t get a chance to blog about our killer weekend full of Christmas celebrating, great food (see pic above), sugar cookie decorating, and way too much Catan playing. If I’m not too tired later, maybe I’ll get around to it. But no promises.

*I’m super excited to have a little Christmas with just Matt and me–we decided to set aside Friday as “our Christmas” day (a fact that got even merrier when I discovered I didn’t have to work that day), and we’re going to do our own little shindig with just the two of us, complete with sparkling cider, stockings, and a great meal that I haven’t decided on yet. Maybe steak. Yeah, steak is Christmas-y, right?

*We have a taco soup simmering on the stove as we speak, and I think my stomach is so hungry that it’s eating itself. Matt had better hurry up in the shower, before I eat the whole thing myself…

*Can I just say how great it is to have our laptop back? I sure have missed being able to watch all of our favorite shows every night of the week (since we don’t have t.v.). Once Upon a Time, here we come to watch you first!

*My dad’s flying in from Kansas City on Thursday, and I can’t wait!

*Last night for family night, I convinced Matt to let me start reading A Christmas Carol to him. I’m positive I enjoyed it more than he did, but it was awesome. I just have this thing about reading aloud or being read aloud to—-it’s just this obsession I have.

*I didn’t get any reading done over the weekend. I kinda feel like a slacker.

*Okay, time to eat. Bye!

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