Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Maybe it was the teaching dress code that did it, but I think I’ve become one of THOSE people who wear skirts and dresses on normal days just because they’re refreshingly lighter and–let’s face it–cuter than most capri-and-tee combos I could come up with. It basically means that I look dressed up almost all the time, but I think I’ve found my summer uniform.

*And, judging by the picture and what my husband has worn since, it looks like Matt has found his, too 🙂

*Like I kinda mentioned in my post yesterday, I went on a bit of a shopping splurge in St. George–normally, I’ll wait until a really great sale comes to one of my favorite stores and just drop $50-100 in that one store on that one day, and then I won’t go shopping again for months. But maybe because I actually had a willing shopping partner in crime (my mother) this time–as opposed to my husband, who is almost mortally offended every time I ask him if he’d like to go to any store with me–I found the whole experience rather more thrilling than usual. Of course, that translated to me going a little hog wild (for me, anyway)–even though I hadn’t planned on buying anything really, I ended up getting 3 new pairs of shoes (unheard of), a pricey pair of sunglasses that have basically not left my head since, a silk scarf, and the comfiest sleeper-dress ever. And while that may not seem like that much, I think I was just so shocked by it because those are all things that I refuse to spend money on normally (most of my money will always go towards buying new blouses and skirts or dresses).

*What do you tend to spend the most on as far as clothing and accessories? What things do you avoid buying as much?

*If I was a swearing kind of person, you know the very first thing that I would curse at? The stupid, STUPID doves that live on my street. There’s a group of perhaps 8-10 doves that like to hang out by our fourplex, and I swear they play truth-or-dare games that involve them going into the road and seeing how long it takes when a car approaches for one of them to “chicken” out and fly away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting one (which, of course, I see at the very last second because they are THE EXACT SAME COLOR as the road). People always say that the dumbest bird is a chicken, but those people are wrong, my friends—the dumbest bird is a dove.

*My dislike of the bird has gotten so strong that when I saw a recent episode of Four Weddings (on TLC) featuring the bride and groom letting off a pair of doves, I openly started muttering things under my breath like, “Stupid birds. They’ll probably bring the couple bad luck, the stupid things.”

*Yeah, if I ever have to go to therapy over an animal, it will be over doves.

*(Or dogs. I’ve had a semi-fear of dogs ever since I got bit in the face by one when I was little, and that fear was exacerbated with all the scabby, rabid dogs I faced daily on my mission in El Salvador. And then, to make matters worse, I was bitten by a dog just over a week ago at my hair appointment. Just wait–it will probably get to the point where I will start hating animals everywhere.)

*I know, I’m a terrible person for admitting that.

*Matt and I finally watched the new Les Miserables for the first time the other night after my dad ended up giving the DVD to us as a gift. If I don’t compare the singing too much with the music I was already familiar with and loved, I really quite liked it. Sure, there were some sour notes, but as far as emotion goes—the movie had both Matt and I in tears by the end (although Matt will probably deny it). Great movie choice, Dad!

*Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my mom treated me to a pedicure on our vacation. The thing I love about pedicures? They make me smile every time I look at my feet because they actually look presentable for once. The thing I don’t like about pedicures? The fact that it always hurts way more than I think it will (of course, that’s because in my mind, they shouldn’t hurt at all, but they always do in the end). Whenever I tell people that, they always act shocked: “What? It hurt? That’s really weird…” But then when I clarify by saying that it hurts when they’re digging into my cuticles or clipping the skin off the sides or pumicing the tops of my feet and ankles to death, that same person will nod in understanding. So I’ve come to the conclusion that it could be three things: one, that person takes better care of their feet than I do, so that’s why it doesn’t hurt for her; two, she’s in denial that it hurts because getting a pedicure is generally considered a relaxing luxury;  or three, it’s like having a baby–you like the end result so much that you forget the pain you went through to get there.

*I mean, seriously–am I the only one in the world who thinks that pedicures kind of hurt?

*This morning, I woke up to Matt’s offer to give me a back rub and his suggestion that we go out on a little day date to brunch and a movie. My man is so stellar 🙂 (Of course, it might have a teensy bit to do with the fact that he stayed up late playing computer games when I didn’t want him to, but with the promise of food and fun, all is forgiven)

*I’ve finally gotten back on the proverbial horse as far as my organizational project goes–yesterday, I actually started tackling our spare bedroom, which I quickly realized will take me about 12 posts’ worth of work to get into the shape I want it to. I just keep having to reassure myself that it will be worth all the hassle when all is said and done. At least, it sure had better be, dang it!

*After going on a run yesterday, I decided to take all my body’s measurements (which I haven’t done in years). Ever since, I’ve been toying around with the idea of posting my stats on here and doing a before/after with semi-monthly progress things. That’s when my critic kicks in though, telling me that people will think me vain for caring so much, or that they’ll misunderstand and think that I’m unhappy with my size, which I’m not. Stupid inner critic.

*What is your vote on the body stats posting? Yea or nay?


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